Monday, August 30, 2004

Finally a post

Wow, work has been pretty crazy but is finally starting to settle down. I had 42 hours of overtime on my last paycheck, so I basically worked an extra week. I was really starting to feel it around the middle of the second week too. I felt like I was going nuts, I was so tired. I was only averaging about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. John Kerry came to town too within that time, I enjoyed that much more than the Cheney visit. Morgan got to be on-stage right behind Kerry during his speech, so she was very stoked. Unfortunately his plane was like an hour late and Morgan got stuck in the parking lot after the speech because traffic leaving was at a stand still. She ended up being late for work, but fortunately her understudy was able to start her show for her and run it until she got there. She was like 20 minutes late but it all turned out okay.

Yesterday was like 98 degrees out, so making a costume that turns two people into conjoined twins while wearing latex masks and just walking around town does not sound like my Idea of a good time, but I guess it does to these two Jokers.

And what's with all the stuffed animal heads? Ah well, you got to love living in Ashland.
I'm out,