Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

First off Morgan and I are fine, and very excited about our little Chuck Jr. on the way. Even though as I'm typing this Morgan just called to me from across the room and said "For the last few days, the baby's been squishing my stomach, and it's very very very unpleasant." When she says things like that I always walk over to her and give her a hug, then I point at her belly and scold the baby saying "Look at what you've done to your poor mudda" I think the baby likes it.

A couple of months ago my buddy Jonny 5 and I took a little road trip down to Cincinnati. It's only about a 3 hour drive so it went by pretty quick. When we got down there Jonny and I drove around town and he would point out various areas of interest. We were stopped at a light by the stadium when the entire team of Cincinnati Bengals started walking across the street right in front of my car. Then Jonny started heckling Carson Palmer....it was very surreal. After that we met up with a gaggle of Jonny's friends from The 'Natti. After an afternoon in a couple of bars we ended up at the Violent Femmes Concert. The concert was in an alley behind a bar.....I'm not joking, also very surreal. After I heard the songs that I wanted to listen to I went back into the bar, where everyone else was watching the concert on a closed circuit big screen T.V. Wussies. When inside Jonnys buddy from Cinci, Hortor kept introducing me to the most random people. He would say "Hey Chuck, c'mere I want to introduce you to Shayne Graham he's the kicker for the Bengals." And then later he said "Hey Chuck I want you to meet Justin Jeffre from 98 degrees, he's running for Mayor of Cincinnati." That one was even way too weird for me. I mean c'mon, how freakin' random is that. And what are you supposed to say to that and keep a straight face? Luckily I watch way to much T.V., so I told him that I thought he did a good job on that episode of Mad T.V. that he was on. After that we went to another bar.

Now I remember going to the bar, but that is pretty much it, next thing I know I'm waking up in Kentucky. After a breakfast with Jonny and Hump we met up with Jimmy, and Russ then I totally got schooled in my first game of Frisbee Golf ever.

After that we went to Paul's for a Luau. Hortor even bought a pigs head for the event. Why, because Hortor's a freakin' sicko. I kid I love Hortor. That pigs head was pretty sick though, especially when Hortor and I had to throw it away the next day. Hortor pushed the garbage can under it and I kicked it by the platter it was resting on into it. When I did that it started oozing and an eye fell off. Hortor started screaming like a little girl and I ran into the street yelling "That was so Freakin' Nasty!" Aside from that I had a great time. Except I woke up in the closet the next morning. Jonny is making me go back for Octoberfest. I'm scared.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is this thing on? Testing testing one, two, three

Okay, over two months without a post, so there is a lot going on. I wonder if there is anyone out there that cares enough to check the blog anymore.

First off, there is only eight more weeks before little Michael comes out and joins us. No, Morgan and I still haven't found out the sex of the baby, but it has to be a boy. I would be the world's most overprotective father to a girl, especially once she hit her teens.

This is Morgan's belly at 32 weeks.

Morgan made the Crib Bumpers for the crib. They're pretty sweet. She went with the classic cat and the hat.

Okay, I promise I'll post more this week, but I've got to take off. First the 11pm news, then Chuck Suede has to meet up with some folks from work and belt out a couple of tunes.