Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is just getting ridiculous, it's the middle of Frackin' April. It didn't snow a lot, but still, enough is enough, bring on spring already. Here's a couple of pictures from 2 weeks ago when it snowed.

Now here's a picture I took last Saturday when we thought that Spring had finally sprung.

See how nice it is. It was a great day. We hung out at riverfront park and there were tons of people there.

Now look at this weeks craptastic forecast.

THAT'S A BUNCH OF BULLCRAP! I want nice weather already. Stupid climate change. Well it could always be worse. We could be living in Toledo Ohio.

Even though spring has been cold and Snowy we've still been keeping busy finding things to do and ways to have fun. For Easter we took Elliott to the valley for her first ever Easter Egg hunt.

She Made out like a bandit, she got 13 eggs.

Also we took Elliott to see one of her heroes. Dora the Explorer and her monkey Boots made an appearance at the car show at the fairgrounds, so we decided to take Ella down there to see her.

Elliott was very excited, so much so that getting her to leave was nearly impossible. I seem to remember some screeching and flopping down on the floor. I should have put her in the stroller. Ah, hindsight.

Well that's it for now, everyone please think warm weather thoughts for us.



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Here's Another One

Yep they still have me doing this entertainment thing. Here's my interview with Tony Shalhoub about 'Monk'. I don't think I was quite as nervous as the Jay Leno interview, but I still can't break the habit of saying "uh" and "um". I stumbled a little when I was thanking him because my mind kept wanting to thank "Adrian Monk" so I had to regain my grasp on reality and come to terms that I was really talking to Tony Shalhoub.

This was pretty fun for me I'm a huge fan of Monk. Tony Shaloub's performance of the title character is absolutely perfect, both tragic and Hilarious. You as a viewer really feel for Monk and the people around him, and still you can't help but laugh at how he reacts to the situations that he finds himself in and his surroundings, like when he has to solve a murder in a junk yard or when he shook hands with a leper. The ensemble cast works perfect together, all of the supporting characters are beautifully performed by terrific actors.

I have to admit I was a late comer to the series. I didn't start watching until halfway through the third season when Traylor Howard joined the show playing Mr. Monk's new assistant (I've kind of had a crush on her since '96 when she was on Boston Common). Even though I was a Johny come lately to the wonder that is Monk, I was hooked from the first episode that I watched. Recently the show has been picked up for a seventh season and I'm happy that I get to keep watching the continued adventures of my favorite detective.