Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Moving Day

Welcome to the new home of Chuck Suede Media Geek. I'll probably be tweaking the site's design a little, so the look will change but the location should remain the same. One of biggest changes is that I don't have a guestbook. I'm not sure if I'll create one or not, it could take me some time if I do. So for now anyone who wants to leave a message will have to use the "Comments" link at the bottom of each post in order to post a comment.

I've been meaning to post about LLR's video that he made. It's freakin' Hilarious. He made an almost shot for shot remake of the "My Humps" using only Toy robots. Click here to check it out.

We've been running a commercial a lot lately on our channel that I'm in love with. It's by this security company called CPS that sponsors our Fugitive Of The Week. It starts off with this light airy song over the company's logo.

Your life could be on the LLLIIINNNNEEEE.
Call C-P-S.

Then you quickly see a persons shadow casting across the outside of a house. Dissolve then to the inside of the house to revel the all American waspy family, Mom, daughter(13) and son (6) making air popped popcorn and laughing. Then dissolve back out side to reveal a 1920's cat burglar dressed like a long shoreman holding a flash light and deactivating the home security system. All the while the singer's syrupy B.J. Thomas inspired tune plays on.

Someone could be in your house right now.
Protect your home and the ones you love.

You're life could be on the line,
But we could save you today.

Back inside the house and the family is now watching Batman Forever with there backs to the front door. As the door starts to open, the family somehow instinctively knows that the cat burglar is coming inside behind them as the door gets about an inch open, so they jump up in terror and start to huddle together in the middle of the room. Then slow dissolve to the father, arriving home, standing in the open door frame looking around the room in horror. He puts his hands over his face and begins to weep. The cat burglar has obviously slaughtered his entire family. The music builds to a crescendo and then fades out.

Your live could be on the line to night.
Call C-P-S.

I'm not making this up! It's Freakin' brilliant, plus the whole thing is in super slow motion which only adds to the absurdity. By far it is the best commercial about a family being slaughtered by a cat burglar while watching Batman Forever, EVER!!! It's got to be my favorite commercial of all time next to "Bye Bye....Grandpa loves you". I'll have to ask LLR about webhosting for video so I can get it on the site. I have a copy if anyone wants a dub, I had the guys in Master Control make it for me.

Okay enough of that. Time for Photos of my favorite baby girl.

"Heeeeyyyy, What the heck's going on over there?"


Friday, November 25, 2005

Yep, Still here

I hope everyone had a happy Turkey Day. I haven't posted anything in a while, Partly because I've been so busy with Sweeps and Partly because I have been busy setting up a new website. Xanga is okay but it can be very limiting, so I'm setting up a new Blogger Site. I'll let everyone know what the new address is when I fully make the switch.
Ella's first Thanksgiving was good, if cold.....It was 11 freakin' degrees today, and the crazy thing is, it's supposed to get up to 64 on Monday. I hate the Midwest. But I digress.
I'll try to post more before I get the new site up. In the mean time here are two of my favorite pictures of Elliott. God, She's just the cutest.