Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Two posts in as many days...What is he nuts?

I might very well be. I just have to put this out in the universe so I can get off my butt and make it happened. I decided yesterday to write and direct a short slasher film for LLR's short film festival, Gore-o-Rama-a-Go-Go! I've already got a good number of people on board to help out. I should be able to have a script written by the end of the week and I've already secured a location to shoot and several slasher type props. With any luck we'll be able to shoot it shortly after Halloween, I'm thinking a one night Marathon shoot. Now I need to procure actors. I have a guy in mind for the male lead and he'd be perfect, but I might run into trouble since he's lens meat here at work and the higher ups might not take kindly to him being in a independent blood bath of a short film. I think if we disguise him up really good and he uses his alias, and I promise that it will only be shown in Portland we'll be just fine.

Well wish me luck,

CS Wood out

Monday, October 25, 2004

I’ve Been a bad Geek

It’s been so long since I posted anything. I’ve keep meaning to and I would think about it every day because things kept happening that I wanted to write about and I just kept putting it off. No real reason that I put it off for so long though, I mean I have been a little preoccupied with the fact that like 5 people in Pine Valley and like 7 people in Llanview want to kill that psycho sleaze Paul Cramer. When you got that many people from two different shows wanting to see you in the ground you know you don’t have long to keep breathing. Not to mention Corbin Bernsen’s been revealed as Carly’s dad on General Hospital and he’s just plan nuts in real life. My buddy Ray told me this story about Corbin Bernsen a couple of years ago, a friend of Ray’s was working on some movie (I don’t know which one) as a PA and Bernsen was in it. She went over to him and told him that the cast was being called to the set from lunch. After she told him she said to him something like, “You know Mr. Bernsen you’re him right you’re just That Guy aren’t you? I mean I was watching you while everyone was at lunch, and you were just sitting over there reading your script, studying your lines and getting into your character, you're him huh, you’re That Guy.” Then he just nodded his head and said, “Yeah I’m That Guy......AND YOU’RE A WHORE!”......What a freak.

Listen up anyone in Portland Little Lost Robot is putting on the second Gore-o-rama A-go-go film festival this December in P town. It’s the weekend I get back from Mexico and I’m still going to be in vacation mode, so I’m planning on going. I can’t wait to see some good (or bad) homemade horror movies. I finally saw “Shaun Of The Dead” and it was freakin’ great, I give it four and half out of five severed heads. Speaking of LLR he gave me a shout out a couple of weeks ago on his site, thanks Bot.

Wow I rambled a lot and didn’t say a damn thing. Happy Halloween everyone, I’ll post some pics next week. Make sure you vote.

Out, CS

Monday, October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve 1952-2004

Anyone who knows me even a little bit, knows how near and dear this man was to my heart. I found out at 4am when I went into work today that he had passed away on Sunday. It really broke my heart, I know that everyone is telling me that he’s in a better place, but I always thought I’d get the chance to see him walk again, I’ve prayed for that every night before going to sleep for the last nine years. I will miss him very much.

CR today not CS