Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Music Post

Okay, I said I was going to post about music and I've finally gotten around to it after much prompting. I've always been somewhat eclectic when it comes to music. Front row center has always been The King and The Beatles. They are in my blood and always have been. I'm not quite sure where the affinity for Elvis came from. The nearest I can gather is that I became self aware at the age of three, that is the year that he died and I remember seeing all of the coverage on television. After that it was just something about the sound of his music and overall coolness that just stuck with me. Funny thing though, when I was very young I couldn't differentiate between time so I thought that the 'Brady Bunch' was still on the air and that Elvis was still alive and making music.

*side note* Along the same topic, I was a huge 'Little Rascals' fan when I was a kid. They used to play the uncut (a topic for another day) episodes on TBS all of the time when I was a kid. When I was 7 years old my mom told me that Alfalfa had died (why she thought this was a good idea to tell a 7 year old I have no idea....Thanks Mom!). I was stunned, when I asked how she said it was from old age. I asked her if it was some potion or something that made him age rapidly and she said no he was just 90 years old and he just died of old age. It took me years to figure out what she was talking about. And in the last few years I've become even more confused since recently learning that he didn't actually live past his Thirties when he was shot and killed over $50. Again....Thanks Mom! *end of side note*

I remember having the Beatles 'Sgt. Peppers' album and listing to it all the time when I was little. I think that was my first taste of the Fab four. I also remember really liking the 'Yellow Submarine' song. When I was four I saw the movie 'Help!' on T.V., I was very disturbed and frightened by the scene where Paul gets accidently injected with a serum that shrinks him and the other Beatles think that they have stepped on him. Watching that scene as an adult, it just doesn't contain the same kind of fright value. But what really solidified my love and admiration for the Beatles was inheriting my father's vinyl collection after he passed when I was ten years old. I practically wore out his copy of 'Abbey Road' by listening to it more than a thousand times.

My other musical favorites and read like a hodge-podge of the musical industry and are all over the map, they include ELO, The Mighty Mighty Bostones, Faith No More, The Steve Miller Band, The Cars, Sponge, Fastball, Tom Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Reel Big Fish, They Might Be Giants, Wilson Picket, The Blues Brothers, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, The Doors, Mr. Bungle, The Offspring, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Royal Crown Revue, Black Sabbath, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bobby Darrin, Harry Connick Jr., The Who, Everclear, The Monkees, Neil Diamond, Beck, Roy Orbison, The Foo Fighters, The Hippos, The Hollies, Kiss, Cowboy Mouth, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, The Beastie Boys, Zebrahead, Green Day, The Ramones, eels, Weezer and Ween just to name a few.

The reason that I wanted to do a post about music is because I wanted to throw out props to a couple of my friends. I've always wanted to be in a band, but I'm just an Okay singer. And I don't have the discipline to ever become truly great on any instrument. I played the drums for about 5 years and I was alright, but that's all really...just alright. But a couple of my buds are still living the dream.

First up is Cooney. I've known the crazy bastard for over 12 years now and I know that I've saved his life on just about as many occasions that he's put mine in jeopardy. Cooney's been a phenomenal bass & guitar player since I've known him, and he just kept getting better. Cooney's been in a ton of bands since college, my favorite was probably 'Twelfth House', for the most part they have all been rock bands. His current endeavor is a somewhat different sound, but one that I believe is equally cool. It's called 'Wayward Sway', and they have kind of an Old Timey, Celtic slash bluegrass kind of feel. Check out their website they have plenty of songs posted for you to give a listen to.
Next is Ramiz. I miss hanging out with this guy. Without question any social gathering that was attended by the both of us would inevitably end in a "Walkin Off". The sounds of "I need more cowbell baby", could be heard up and down the Rouge Valley. I've only ever seen Ramiz perform live once, but it was a trip, he really blew the crowd away. His group is called 'Subliminal Twinkeez', an I'm not usually one for Rap or Hip Hop, but I really dig there stuff. Again check out there site, they have a full album posted there for you to enjoy.

Well that's it for the music post. I'll Keep Cooney and Ramiz the Manchild's links on my site in the "Chucks Peeps" column on the right, so please check them out and let them know what you think of their stuff.

Signing off.

P.S. A quick algebra problem, see if you can figure it out. (tl+jm)=q (squared). Oh wait, that's just wrong, I'm sorry I forgot the mass of tl is far too great for that to be correct. Revision, (tl+jm)= q (cubed), there......that's better.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My next post was going to be about music. That has changed. We just had some major news break here in Toledo. I've been working like a dog all day. And the one thing that I feel most proud of is, not only did I "Punk" the other stations. I also "Punked" all three of the other networks.

I'm the only guy that got all three of the reported bad guys mug shots for air. So not only were we the only station in our market to have them, but because I supplied them to our Network, It was the only one to have them for the "Network Nightly News".....ahhhh.......little victories are the sweetest. Oh wait that was a big victory........Penut Butter Jelly time!

I'm over and out,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Morgan put her down on a blanket to take a picture of her new little outfit and she rolled over. And Morgan caught the whole thing on camera. Check it out.

Morgan Even managed to get her to roll over for a second time while she was recording her on video, HERE.

Since I was at work, Ella even managed to roll over twice for me when I got home. All in all a very successful day.

Over and out

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bye Bye Doc

Tony Jones 1984-2006
Friday on General Hospital, Dr. Tony Jones (Brad Maule) was struck down by a mutant strain of influenza. Tony has been a pretty solid guy. Except for that time in the mid '90s when he shacked up with his stepdaughter after cheating on his wife with her, and then stealing a baby and kidnapping an HIV positive woman, thus keeping her away from her medication cocktail that keeps her from dying. But after that was all straightened out he was back to the same old lovable Tony. He's been seen less and less in recent years, only showing up for medical emergencies. So inevitably he drew the Sweeps short straw and was killed off for dramatic effect and ratings. So long Tony, You'll Be missed.
Ella got a Bumbo!
Over and out

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Okay It's time. Forget the Super Bowl ads (although that girl totally getting schooled in that touch football game was damn funny). It's time for my two all time favorite commercials. First up we have the tender tale of troubled grandfather who can't connect with or love anyone except for his dear Scotch, in "Bye Bye, Grandpa Loves You".

Next we have my second favorite of all time. Turn down the lights and brace yourself, hold on tight to a loved one and be prepared to be mildly shocked, and most definitely amused at the sheer terror of "Your Life Could Be On The Line aka Call CPS".

Please to enjoy.
Ella Likes The Bath Time, Ella Likes The Bath Time!

Here are the adorable little pics

Did I mention she's Huggable?

That's it for now. In the next edition of Chuck Suede Media Geek, I'll tell you all about how I was snubbed by Davy Jones at the Toledo Auto Show (whatever, OOOOOHHHH we got an auto show too, LOOK AT US...PLEASE SOMEBODY...LOOK AT US!) and how one of my childhood heros fell before my eyes. No wonder I always liked Micky the best.....Stoopid Monkee.

I'm gone,