Wednesday, August 09, 2006



I was at work and Morgan called me. She said that Ella fell down and got hurt. This is the first time that she has ever been hurt. She was standing up over at the book shelf and Morgan was just 3 feet away. She's really good about sitting herself down on her bottom, but this time she fell over and scrapped her head on one of her baby books. She cried. She really Cried! And now she has a red little raspberry scrape in the middle of her precious little forehead.


And on top of that we still can't get that comb out of her mouth.

The stupid doctor didn't realize the severity of the situation as I screamed at him to put a tourniquet on my precious little darling's mellon while I was clutching her in the ER. And I had to kidney punch that damn nurse who kept telling me to "Calm down sir it's just a scrape".

Well she's home now and I put a plaster cast around her itty bitty little noggin' myself. Long story short. I'm not going to work anymore.


The Hefty Felons

Toledo has a lot of weird stuff going down just about everyday. Take this gem for example. Rob found this when he went on cop rounds this morning. The police report details about how one of our good citizens was walking through a KFC parking lot after purchasing a gallon of milk. While taking his stroll he was set upon by a Portly Quintet of young females who beat him up. According to the victim they made off with his cell phone and the gallon of dairy goodness that he had just purchased.

One of my favorite sites is The Smoking Gun. I submitted the police report to their editor. You see you really have to read the second page of the report that details the events that transpired in those early morning hours. The officer who wrote it had one hell of a sense of humor. Well the editor was so pleased with my submission that it was made the front page and was today's "Featured Document"

As for our poor friend. I guess the old adage is wrong.....Milk does not do the body good.

Later Skater,