Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday started out so nice

Saturday we ran our regular weekly errands and did our shopping for the week. After we were done at Costco we noticed that they were giving hay rides at the place next to the Costco gas pumps. It was the Grand Opening of their new facility. Morgan remembered that they were having a petting zoo so we stopped by. Elliott really like that petting zoo. She feed a lama, pet a duck and brushed a pony.

Last year at this time she wouldn't have even had attempted to pet a pony. She would just wave an say "bye bye, bye bye". She even wanted to go in the pen with the draft horses that were like 8 feet tall. She's gotten really brave around farm animals now.

When we got home I was unloading the groceries in the garage and Morgan was getting Elliott some crackers with peanut butter on them for a snack. Elliott was in the living room by herself with the baby gates up when Morgan heard a thud, then Ella started crying. When Morgan got to the living room Elliott was running towards her just bawling. I came into the living room and saw there was blood, lots of blood. Elliott fell (we have no idea onto what, and she won't tell us) and busted her chin open. Morgan got the bleeding to stop and we all got in the car and went to the hospital just to be safe. As it turns out she needed stitches. Elliott's never really been hurt before. Not really, she's had scrapes and bruises and cuts, but nothing ever hospital worthy.

The people at the hospital were great and got her right into a room minutes after we walked through the door. Elliott was not happy. When they were washing of her chin with the saline solution and putting on the topical numbing medicine she cried and cried and then started saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sooo sorry mommy", my heart felt like it was going to break. Here's a picture of after they cleaned her up.

You can make out the blood stains on Morgan and Elliott's shirts.

When it came time to actually give her stitches I was banished from the room by Morgan because she knew it was going to be hell for me to see Elliott like that. Kids that age don't understand, "now hold still while I stitch your chin back together.", so they have to be held down by several people while some one sticks a needle in them then starts sewing them up with another needle and a thread. It's terrifying for a toddler. I could hear everything down the hall, no matter how muffled and my heart was breaking all over again. Finally after what seemed like forever they were down and Elliott had 4 stitches.

Thank God it wasn't anything more serious. I barley got through a minor cut on her chin getting patched up. I couldn't imagine if anything really bad happened. Actually I can and it wouldn't be good....I'd loose it.

Well today was Elliott's birthday and it went much better than yesterday. My little girl is now 3-years-old, I can't believe it. I'll post birthday pictures when I get them transferred over to the computer.

Later (but not much)