Thursday, January 31, 2008

She told me that she loves me!

It's the one thing that she's heard millions of times since her birth. Morgan and I say it to her dozens of times every day. She can spout out phrases like "I fell down" or "It's cold brrrr" or "That's silly" but she has never repeated the words back to us that we most want to hear.

Today my little Elliott Anne looked me right in the eye and said "I love you". Not once but at least a half of dozen times. I'm on top of the world and can't be any happier.

The feeling is mutual.



Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello 2008

Well that's it 2007 is over. Not a bad little year, there were some highs...and some lows...but there were some more highs too. All in all I'd say it went pretty well and just helped lay the groundwork for good things to come.

Christmas was great. We did the 6 hour car trip to Portland the Saturday before. Ella was not happy with that. We had great weather for the trip though, we got out of Spokane just before heavy snow hit so that was good.

We stayed with Morgan's parents and Ella was delighted, we even got her to say "Hi Grandma" in the car right before we got to the house. I don't think she ever actually said it to Morgan's mom though. Aw well, ya can't win 'em all.

My phone died on me with all my phone numbers in it the day before Christmas so that kinda sucked. I put my sim card in my old phone when I got back and it seems to work okay. Except I did lose all the numbers that I had saved to the phone and not the sim card

On Christmas Eve Morgan's cousin and family came over for the traditional "Bird Christmas Eve Party". Morgan's cousin has five kids ages 11, 7, 5, 3 and 10 months.

I have decided that Elliott will now be an only child, I hope she's happy with that. Now I just have to convince Morgan, should be easy.

Ella was pretty intimidated by all the activity. She's usually pretty much on all the time, non-stop, go go, but she was pretty timid with all those older kids running around. She finally just asked to go to bed around 7:30 p.m. "Night night? Night night song? Teeth....teeth brush". Morgan's cousin was very impressed, "How did you ever her get her to ask to go to bed on her own". My daughters brilliant, and I think she's left handed which is weird because Morgan and I are both righties.

She did start to feel more comfortable towards bed time especially when the two girls that were older than her let her watch Dora The Explorer with them on their mom's iPod.

On Christmas Day Little Elliott Anne made out like a Bandit. We'd like to say thank you to cousin Brandy for the way to extravagant doll house. She's finally got a little girl she can spoil. Thanks Brand, she loves it. And also thanks to Aunt Diane for Ponies. There are other people to thank but those are the only two that I know for sure read my blog.

The drive back the next day was fine also. We had rain all the time we were in Portland (it did snow for a bit on Christmas day but it didn't stick) but when we got back to Spokane it was pretty much a winter wonderland. Unfortunately we haven't been able to enjoy it because all three of us have been sick as dogs since the day after we got back. We all have the Coughing and the Sneezing and running a little fever. Morgan and I have got the body aches and the chills too. I'm guessing Ella also has those, she just can't tell me.

It really sucks being sick. I have to catch a flight out tomorrow morning for Jonny 5's wedding in Vegas on Friday. Being sick in Vegas should be fun.

All well wish me luck and Happy New Year everybody.