Monday, January 30, 2006


Actually it was two goats. And my sister Mandy is very upset about the whole ordeal. It seems she had two goats "Larry and Balki", when she was younger and they were killed by a dingo. I don't know what a dingo was doing running around killing goats in Central Washington, but she swears it's true.

When I went to Memphis last week, I went to Silky O'Sullivan's home of the world famous Silly Goats. And that's where I GAVE A BEER TO A GOAT. YEAH!! Just look at those thirsty little critters.

My kid sis (kid, ha ha) also got very upset when I sent her a pic from my phone of this little guy standing up above the bar.

I got a really nasty text message back from her about it. I tried to assure her that the goat lived a very happy life and died of natural causes. Then she got REALLY mad and wrote back something about alcoholism and liver disease not being natural.

Another cool thing about Silky's, aside from GIVING BEER TO GOATS, YEAH!! Is the dreaded bucket.

We aren't really sure what's in the bucket, but it seems to be some kind of mix of beer, rum, wine, soda, and other various hard liquors. It taste kind of like a McGriddle in the respect that after the first sip your not sure if it taste good or bad. Then you take another and it might be okay. By the third sip you're pretty sure that it isn't good at all. Then on the next pull you convince yourself that it's not as bad as you thought. When you get to the fifth sip you grab your head and know that you have consumed something awful. Unlike the griddle however you will continue on plowing ahead because by the time you get to your sixth sip you just don't care what it tastes like anymore because of the shear volume of alcohol that you've just ingested.

Here are a couple of pics of me walking down Beal St.

Standing in front of a Guitar Elvis Owned at Rum Boogie's.

Drinking a beer out of a mason jar, just like great grandpa used too, at B.B. King's Blues Club. That's his guitar Lucille hanging on the wall behind me.

Me next too a lovely mosaic portrait of my hero.

Well that was Memphis. I actually did get quite a bit of work done while I was there, no matter what you might think of the pictures. And oh yeah I GAVE BEER TO GOATS. YEAH!!
The Baby Went On A Trip

While I was in Memphis, Morgan took Ella down too Evansville Indiana to see her proud great grandparents for the first time.

Morgan Said that Ella was big hit with Doris and Howard.

Morgan's cousin Robyn also seemed to enjoy meeting Ella for the first time. And apparently the feeling was mutual.

More Videos

I've posted another video. I made this a few years ago, and updated an ending last year. It's called An American Family. Please to Enjoy.

I'm gone,

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dumb Criminals

I just got back from Memphis, but instead of writing about that I'm going to write about what I was going to Post last week, but could never get around to it.

Meet Rodney McKean. The Fall Guy here lead Hancock County sheriffs on a High speed chase last week. At times reaching speeds up to 101 mph in residential zones, you can read all about The Bandit's adventure HERE.

The best part is the mugshot here. When the authorities arrested Hooper, he was wearing this shirt. How classic is that? I've been waiting for a good mugshot to send to The Smoking Gun, and now I finally got one.
Factory Fire

So on Friday I'm sitting the desk and I hear I fire break out down the street. All of my crews were out of town or on the other side of Toledo, so I just monitored the scanners to see how bad it was going to get. Well after the crews arrived on the scene I heard one of the firemen say, "We got barrels of oil in here, we could be looking at an explosion". That was the point were I jumped up and grabbed a camera. I was the first one there, and I just jumped out and ran right up to the smoky building with the camera rolling, until police made me move to a "safe distance" from the fire. I ended up being out there for a few hours, but It felt good being a lens slinger again. Plus I was the only photog to get a shot of the front of the building collapsing.


Video Mania

I've started posting videos to the web. My first attempt is a video from the night Ella First Laughed.

The Second is my short Slasher flick that I shot in 2004, "The Night Terror Had Its way". I'm going to be adding a "Video" column to the side bar of the site, just bellow the "Chucks Peeps" column. I plan on uploading all kinds of neat stuff.



Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mini Man Burgers

So someone recently asked me if Morgan hated Ohio as much as I do. Now I don’t want you all to get me wrong, I don’t hate Ohio. I’ve met some really nice people and had some good times since I’ve been out here. There has been the occasional person that I’ve run across, that I wouldn’t care if they took an icicle to the eyeball, but all in all everyone is pretty much okay. Except for the ones that are like a Chupacabra on crack. Toledo has a great zoo (so Morgan tells me, I haven’t been yet.) , and we managed to find a very good butcher, something that we could never find in Ashland. Also Toledo has the best pancake house I’ve ever eaten at, Uncle John’s. And you want barbecue? Fugedaboutit….we got the Rib Off baby! I think I just get to homesick sometimes and then I really get acerbic in my blog posts. No, I don’t hate Ohio……but Morgan does. She hates it A LOT. She hates it as much as Whitney hates rehab and as much as Federline hates washing his hair and not smoking. But we do what is best for our family and we both know this will help us in the long run. Hell, with the station being sold who knows, we might have to relocate sooner than anticipated.

One thing that I do love about Toledo…..White Castle, you just don't get that goodness in the Northwest. The first thing I did after my 2600 mile drive was unhitch the car from the U-Haul and make a B line for those tasty little mini burgers. It’s not really located in the greatest of neighborhoods (for some reason Toledo’s only got one) in fact it was robbed at gunpoint just hours after I was there. I know, I know, I’ve heard the urban legends about how those tasty little “sliders” will play rugby with your intestinal track. But I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad experience. Only flavorful bliss. I mean, come on, Chicken Rings….are you kidding me?!

Morgan also enjoys the White Castle, but I think it’s mainly because of her deep seeded love of The Beastie BoysLicense To Ill" Album. Morgan has also taken to watching The Food Network especially a show called Good Eats. She gets mad at me because I think the host is smarmy, but I do owe him for one thing, Mini Man Burgers. It was like having White Castle…”Home Style”. I could get used to that. Just check out these mouth watering picks.


Oh and here is my Christmas Present for Ella. She truly is my little princess. Oh and by the way she laughed for the first time last night. I caught it on video and will be posting a clip soon.

CS over and out

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Yep it's the new year, and it's about time that I posted something. I've just been in kinda been in a funk ever since I got back from Portland. I rang in the new year by running out of the house at 11:50pm, and videotaping the scene of a shooting. We only had one photographer this weekend and he was about an hour away, and when you have an 11 year old girl shot in the stomach, you have to figure out a way to get someone out there, even if you have to go yourself and miss ringing in the new year with your wife and baby.

I had a great time back in Portland though. We got to see family and some old friends, and we went to a few of my favorite spots. Like Tributes, the best place to get sandwiches in Portland, maybe even the entire Northwest. I used to live in the apartment building next door to it, and have the distinguished honor of being the first customer to walk through the doors and order a Philly Cheese Steak on the day it opened back in 2000 under the name Richie B's. I had three that day, which could explain why I weighed 215 lbs. When I left Portland. The restaurant changed its name to tributes in August of 2001, but Judy, the same woman who opened the restaurant with Ritchie still owns the place and still works the counter, so all of the food has remained the same, with new additions to the menu coming all of the time. If you are ever on NW 23rd in Portland I highly recommend you stop in for a bite. We also stopped by the Blue Moon Tavern to visit with our friend Virginia who was working there. I also used to spend a lot of time at that place when I lived in NW Portland.

Here are some picks from our trip.

Baby Elliott got to meet Grandpa Bird and Aunt Katie for the first time.

On Christmas Eve we put this little red dress on her. Pretty cute.

I got to introduce Elliott to My Aunt Diane and Uncle Tandy, and my cousin Heather and here family.

Morgan and I were even able to go out, just the two of us, a couple of times. We met up with some friends at the Rialto downtown.

Here's Morgan with Angela, LK and Virginia.

Here I am giving Kal some husbandly advice and chastising him for not keeping up with his blogging.


Random bits,

Morgan decided she would try her hand at photo manipulation. As you can see she has big plans for our little Ella. I hope they don't include wearing a man's suit though.

My sister Mandy (Garth) Sent this to me last month, but I just got it last night. By the description in the subject line of the e-mail I'm assuming this was from some Halloween night costume party and they took first place. I don't know who the other girl is. I think she might be that girl who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch's best friend in the first two seasons and who played Big Red in Bring it on.

Well that's it for me.

CS Over and out