Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well it's over a month after the fact but here are those pictures from Chicago.

Here's me cruising around on the L train and a couple of me with the skyline behind. In that third picture you can see the building that Elizabeth Shue was hanging off the side of in "Adventures in Babysitting".

Standing Taaaaalllll! Ella and I infront of that river that Lary and Balki take a boat down in the opening of "Perfect Strangers".

The Sears Tower. Did I go up there? Hell's No! I got a thing about heights.

After Ella and I took these pictures we ran into that Municipal Building behind us and paid $5,000.00 in back taxes on an orphanage, so the little tykes would not be kicked out into the Chicago cold. Wait that was the Blues Brothers. Come to think of it we didn't even go in that building.

China town seemed a little shifty. Shop keepers kept inquiring about purchasing Ella.

We were there for a Baby shower and Ella got to hang out with a couple of other babies. That's Mitch and his son Miles. I first met Mitch way back in '93 when I started college. Who would have thought that 13 years later we would be two proud dad's introducing our children to each other in Chicago Illinois.

Here's Ella, Loki (Yes the Norse God of Mischief), and Miles sitting on the couch.

Babies tend to topple.

That's it for now. I'm going to the Natti this weekend so I should have many exploits to blog about when I return.

Outta here,

Monday, May 01, 2006


So let us talk a little about the person who wants to take me down and mess up my life. What Power do you really think that you have? How strong do you think you actually are? (Oh yeah…. by the way. This person is the reason why I haven’t posted about Chicago yet. That and sweeps. But the pictures are great I promise.)

Confused? Sorry, I should back track a little.

On Sunday while in the middle of a major telethon, that I am very proud to be a part of, The Z-Man asks me, “Do you remember that post on your blog that you wrote about me?”. Well of course I did, I always remember writing about my friends: SIDE NOTE (That’s right Jack hole! Z-Man already knew about the post…. in fact when I snapped the picture of him eating Brussels sprouts I told him that pic was going right on the blog.) He went on to say “Well somebody printed it out and sent it to my home via U.S. mail.”
Z-man was pissed. He couldn’t believe that someone would do that. At first he thought someone was “messing” with him, until I pointed out that I was obviously the target. For some reason this person, who is keeping an eye on Toledo thought that Z would be upset that I wrote about fearing for his health and the fact that he was eating a food stuff that was stinky. My guess is that they thought Z would be so upset that he would take action. What kind of action, I can only guess, maybe they thought it would give Z ammunition to go after me, have me reprimanded, or even fired. Well thanks for the effort, much love to you too.

I have written about a person that I work with, someone who is good natured and who I consider a friend, and “Bob Woodward” here is going to try and use that to attack me. Am I really that important to you? Is your life so small and miniscule that you have to stalk me and Z through my blog, that mainly consist of pictures of my wife and child and me in front of signs with snappy little captions? That is very sad dude. This isn’t any kind of Myspace scandal here Scoop McGee.

I asked Z if he would like to say anything to the person that sent him the post and his response to this person is “Go *censored* yourself.” Well Mr. “Stolssel” looks like your little plan was a bust.

The sucky thing is that this was done by someone that we obviously both know, someone who has looked me right in the face and has now decided to jam a knife in my back. And after recent hits on my website in the last few weeks from a local IP address I have a pretty good Idea who it was. Hey if you have something that you want to say to me, why don’t you grow a sack and come talk to me in person instead of doing all the sneaky crap.

Anyway that’s what I have to say, I just had to vent. Any comments from my friends and family?

Over and out.