Sunday, November 28, 2004

No more Artifacts, Sex or Hitler

My wife just watches some really funky stuff on the digital cable. The night started out all right with John Cusack in “Grosse Point Blank” (I love that movie), and then that was followed by a pretty good “Mad TV” (there was this skit where these three midgets beat down a fat California Highway Patrol officer that was freakin’ High-larious.), but then she started watching all of her odd HBO "Real (gay.....uh...Not That There's Anything Wrong With That) Sex" and Discovery Channel Jonestown (not the cult but the early settlement) artifacts shows and then she finished up with a look into the private life of Hitler (which she is lying in bed right now watching as she falls asleep.) on the History Channel. I love her, but I can’t sit still for her choice in television programming. I’m going to watch my normal choice of television viewing starting with “Smallville” and follow it up with the DVD “Dead Leaves” now that she's gone to bed.

We got a rough-cut of the Slasher film done this week. It should be finished by the time I leave for Mexico next Tuesday. I haven’t been able to grab any stills from it but I’ll try to get some online before I leave.

One thing I know for sure in life is that B. Alan Orange “Hates Oliver Stone and his Stupid Movie”. I shudder to think what kind of review Mr. Orange would give my Slasher flick. He probably would have liked it back when we were in college together. I do have to say that the aforementioned article on Movieweb is one of the funniest things I’ve read since B. Alan interviewed the guys that made “Saw”

I’m out

Sunday, November 21, 2004

That's A Wrap

The Slasher film is in the Can! I showed up at the shoot at 10am today and we started rolling at 11:30pm. We shot all day and wrapped at 10:30pm. It's all done all I have to do is edit it. I took my camera, but we were so busy I never snapped one photo, sorry. My back is killing me from my death scene, I was suspended on a rope about 4 feet off the ground, and I was wearing a climbing harness under my cloths, and I had it on backwards so I would hang the right way. Since it was backwards it jacked up my back. Aw well I've asked others to suffer for my art, it was way past my turn.

CS out

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Wonder Boy

The Toledo Blade did yet another article on my good friend Jon, which you can view, HERE.

And in honor of my good buddy here are some tasty lyrics for you to chew on provided by the GREATEST BAND ON EARTH!

High above the mucky-muck, castle made of clouds,
There sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly.
Not much to say when you're high above the mucky-muck.
Yeah, yeah.
Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
Wonderboy, won't you take me far away from the mucky-muck man?

[spoken] Now it's time for me to tell you about Young Nastyman,
archrival and nemesis of Wonderboy, with powers comparable to Wonderboy.
What powers you ask? I dunno how 'bout the power of flight? That do anything for ya?
That's levitation, holmes.
How 'bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away... with mind bullets!
That's telekinesis, Kyle.
How 'bout the power to move you?

[sung] History of Wonderboy and Young Nastyman,
Riggah-goo-goo, riggah-goo-goo.
A secret to be told, a gold chest to behold,
And blasting forth with three-part harmony, yeow!
Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
Wonderboy, won't you take me far away from the mucky-muck man?

[spoken] Well, Wonderboy and Young Nastyman joined forces;
they formed a band the likes of which have never been seen,
and they called themselves Tenacious D.
That's right, [sung] Me!
And KG! [KG (spoken):] That's me. [sung]
We're now Tenacious D!
Come fly with me, fly!

Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
Wonderboy, won't you take me far away from the mucky-muck man,
Oh! [spoken] Take my hand!
Young Nastyman, and we'll fly!
Bring out your broadsword.
There's the hydra.
Slit his throat!
And grab his scroat.
You take the high road,
I'll take the low.
There, the crevasse,
Fill it with your mighty juice.

CS out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

From behind the lens to in front of the lens,

Well the guy playing the beatnik in my film has quit. Not a big surprise, all he did was whine about how cold he was on our first day of shooting. There were girls out there wearing dresses with like 1% body fat that didn't make a peep and this wimp was crying "I'm so cold, I'm gonna pass out." Suck it up Sissy Boy! Not letting it get me down at all though, I'd hoped to stay behind the camera, but I'm just going to step into the roll, I wasn't convinced he could deliver the dialog I wrote anyway, at least I know I'll read it the way I want it. We only shot one thing with him anyway and it was just a quick shot, so no major re shooting has to be done.

One more quick thing before I go. There have been rumblings for some time of a possible Green Lantern movie (probably my third favorite super hero of all time). According to Dark Horizons "An interesting casting rumor has emerged -- Ben Browder." Sweeeeet, if it happens, Farscape kicks major bee-hind.

CS out

Sunday, November 14, 2004

First day of shooting

Well I started shooting my slasher flick for Seasons Bleedings today and things went so so. Things went wacko at first when we lost our lead actress that my director of photography hooked up 2 hours before the shoot. Fortunately my fellow director Melanie who was set to play an extra stepped up to the plate and said she would do it and she was damned good too. Since we got off to a late start we didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped today, but we did get a lot shot, so I’m confident that well get it done in time. Anyway here are some fun pics from today’s shoot.

Ray (before Morgan styled the wig he was wearing) and Melanie who are playing our two leads, Max Fontaine and Francine run there lines as DP and co-writer Barkley and a Beanie laden James Graves enjoy their read through.
The Assistant Director Andrew is screwing around with a Machete. STOP SCREWING AROUND ANDREW!


Chuck the director is ready to get the shot.

Actually Chuck is just freakin’ scared.

What are you, Freakin' nuts Chuck?! Yep.

CS out

Friday, November 12, 2004

Halloween at Martino’s 2004

Okay here are some Pics from Halloween that I’ve been meaning to put up.

Morgan and me as Mork and Mindy. Morgan made my Mork Costume.

My buddy Chandra as Alex from Clockwork Orange, she's tall really tall. There's a flask in that codpiece, I'm not kidding.

See I told you there was a flask in there.

Angela and Cal. Angela is like a dance hall girl or something and Cal is just sleepy really...really sleepy.

Don't know who this guy is, but he had one sweet Space Ghost Costume.

This all reminds me I saw “The Incredibles” last week and it was fantastic. It’s my favorite PIXAR movie ever. Imagine that me really liking a movie about super heroes. I dug up this picture that I took in May or June of this year. Pretty good huh. No idea who this is, it's from this years OSF scene shop party. Bet this guy was first in line for the movie, since he was wearing a costume of the main character like five months before it was released and the general public had no idea what it was.

Got to go to sleep, big day of filming tomorrow.
CS go sleepy time now...out

Moving on moving up and just living

Hello folks, been awhile and I've been pretty busy. I start shooting my slasher film on Saturday, that's a week behind schedule but we should still be good. And for those of you who asked yes indeed LLR is that guy who goes by two initials from college. Oh and I know I know I still have to post Halloween pictures. I'm getting around to it.

Big news for my buddy Jon, he got a Sweet New Job. Here's the letter he sent out announcing it.

Hey Friends... Just wanted to give everyone an update...After two years Jane and I are packing up and leaving 'The Queen City,' Cincinnati, Ohio... I've taken a job at the NBC affiliate (WNWO) in Toledo, can read all about it at (Arts and Entertainment section) : ) We're excited about the move, and I'm stoked to have my own shop...The station is within my current as soon as we get the book finished in the 'Nati, I'm heading to the 'Glass City,' (second week of December...) I'll keep you updated, and

hope you are all doing well! Jonathan

Way to go, Yeahhhh Buddy.
CS out

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Crap Crap Crappity Crap

Well the people of America have spoken, and they have said that they want four more years of crap. John Kerry will concede today at 1pm and the U.S.A. will miss out on having a great man as it's commander and chief. I've been at work since 4am Tuesday morning and I'm not out of here until noon today. I'm cranky and tired and I just want to go home and sleep and sulk.