Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There once was a blogger named Chuck, and it seemed like he just did'nt give a ....Whoa stop right there!

Okay, It's been almost a year since I posted a blog post and I blame Facebook. It has made me lazy in my blogging. Facebook and Twitter, they are evil but I will continue to use them so you should expect my next blog post in 2013.

The biggest news this year is the arrival of Mr. Harrison Michael. He joined us two weeks early on Sept. 2nd 2009. Here's my little buddy.

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His big sister loves to put stickers on his head. And speaking of that big sister the lovely Ella turned 4 just over one month ago and had her first big girl birthday party.

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She even had real life little friends there this year. Not just Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Jon and Auntie Jane. It was quite the scene. Did I mention I was the only adult male there and was in charge of wrangling toddlers while the mommies chatted? I want a medal.

Of course it was just Halloween so we had to make our yearly trek out to Greenbluff so Elliott could go to the pumpkin patch for her birthday.

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She loved it as always.

For this year Elliott wanted to be a Fairy Princess so Morgan made her a costume again.

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Ella, insisted she was not a "Fairy Princess" but a "Butterfly Princess" after the costume was finished.

Harrison wore Ella's first Halloween costume and was our new little pumpkin.

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That's my smiley boy.

Well that's it for now, I 'll talk to you guys again in two years.

Now for the Geeky Goodness my favorite web video from this summer. "The Ballad of G.I Joe" Yo Joe!