Friday, July 30, 2004

ARGH! part 2

Why oh why do I have to cover things like this. All I can say is vote Kerry. The funny thing is that after all of the extra police and all of the secret service officers at the event, two protesters actually got into the rally and got Cheney all shook up. That just does not happen, these things are run tight as a drum and are by invite only. It was pretty funny. But, one of my friends that I work with got shoved around and elbowed in the ribs when he tried to interview one of the protesters after the rally. Not by security mind you, but by the republicans in attendance, because they didn't want his point of view aired. So much for the first amendment, somehow I think if they were the ones protesting a planned parenthood building, they would want to be heard and seen on T.V.

I'm ticked and I'm out,

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