Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Two posts in as many days...What is he nuts?

I might very well be. I just have to put this out in the universe so I can get off my butt and make it happened. I decided yesterday to write and direct a short slasher film for LLR's short film festival, Gore-o-Rama-a-Go-Go! I've already got a good number of people on board to help out. I should be able to have a script written by the end of the week and I've already secured a location to shoot and several slasher type props. With any luck we'll be able to shoot it shortly after Halloween, I'm thinking a one night Marathon shoot. Now I need to procure actors. I have a guy in mind for the male lead and he'd be perfect, but I might run into trouble since he's lens meat here at work and the higher ups might not take kindly to him being in a independent blood bath of a short film. I think if we disguise him up really good and he uses his alias, and I promise that it will only be shown in Portland we'll be just fine.

Well wish me luck,

CS Wood out

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GreekShotgun said...

Hey there Chuck. It's the "Greek Shotgun" from your recent past. This is great. Nice to see you putting it out there. I knew you could. Hope to see you in Ptown for LLR's Gore... You always made the best GEEK!!