Monday, December 20, 2004

Season's Bleedings

Well Morgan and I have returned from Puerto Vallarta and Portland. Mexico was great and I’ll put up some pictures on the next post. But right now I want to talk about the Season’s Bleedings film festival. The second Gore-A-Rama-A-Go-Go was on Saturday Dec. 18th at 0pm. There were 16 films shown mine was number 3. Most of the films were excellent, some were very, very bad. My least favorite movie was “Beer and Nine” I think it was summed up best when the judge rating on a scale from 1 to 10 gave it a question mark.

I was completely nervous and freaked out. I wanted to sit in the back by the door in case the audience hated it and started booing and throwing beer bottles at the screen, but LL Robot reserved me a table right in front of the screen. Morgan kept rubbing my back and telling me to calm down, which I finally did about two movies after mine was shown. I was pretty scared but the audience seemed to really dig it. They laughed at the right places and I got a lot of applause at the end. Even though my movie was in the exhibition category and not being judged, Daria O’Neil who was one of the judges (and my favorite DJ when I lived in Portland) had some very nice words for my little film. All in all I’m glad I did it and I’ll probably start making a lot more films and start writing more scripts.

Here are some Pictures.

This is me and LL Robot before the show.
Morgan got some kind of bloody present from a Zombie Santa.
This is one of the lovely Gore Whores who were selling the raffle tickets that benefited p:ear.
Old friends reunited, LL Robot, X-Jan & Chuck.

CS out

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Monkees1 said...

Your movie was Great! I like your new picture.