Monday, September 04, 2006

Those Wacky Swede's

Three weeks ago we took a trip up to Canton MI to visit this regions only Ikea. If you've never been I highly recommend it you won't forget the experience.

We left early in the morning because it's just about an hour drive and we were going up on weekend. Good thing we did too, the place was packed. I somehow managed to find one of the last parking spots at the very far end of the parking lot. When we left at the end of our shopping experience, we had three cars jockeying for our space. It was like sharks circling. I just wanted to get my family out of there before the mini van soccer moms started to rumble. They'll cut you man.

Inside is nuts. There are so many people you can hardly move, even though the place is like 5 Costcos put together.

The first thing we did was ate (that's right they have a restaurant inside too, and the food is fantastic). I had the roast beef with potato salad. It was delicious and the portions were huge, and get this the whole thing cost 2.99. I hear breakfast is a big hit because you get scrambled eggs, 2 bacon strips or pork sausage and home fries for only 99 cents.

Then we went exploring, the place is huge. It's like a Maze once you enter, and they run everyone through it like rats. Elliot and I had to stop and rest on the fine display furniture.

We tried to see if she would take a nap in a huge mound of Sheepskin rugs, but she was too exited

We got out of there with a bevy of items including a new computer desk for under 40 bucks (which is what we went up there for in the first place) and Ella got this crazy thingy like you see in the doctor's office to play with.

You know these things right? They're usually tucked back in the corner in the little "Children's play area" with broken fisher price knockoffs from 20 years ago and books with no covers with crayon writing all over the insides. There's also usually a little plastic table with two little chairs. You know what I'm talking about....right? Anyway Ella loves the Thing.

We were not able to get through the whole store because Ella was getting tired. So after spending about two hours in there we had to make a B-line for the desks and get the heck out of there. There was a White Castle across the street so we were able to grab some Slyders for the ride home.....Sweet!



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