Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy "Creepy" Turkey Day!

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the news desk typing away at my computer. I got up to go do something and when I turned around I saw what seemed to be an infant stuffed inside a roasted turkey on one of the television monitors behind me.

I instantly did a double take I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Then the shot changed and the camera revealed several babies dressed as cooked food items. All laid out on serving platters.

Notice the empty Caesar Salad costume off to the side. That baby smartly went into hysterics and saved himself from having to go onto national television dressed as lettuce and croutons.

As I continued to watch on horrified, I realized I was watching "Martha Stewart Living" and that for some reason the guest thought that this was a" good Idea" and decided to share her gift of dressing up babies as scruptous food stuffs. It was like a page out of Hansel and Gretal.

It seems that she got the Idea when she dressed as Martha for Halloween last year, and decided to get her baby in on the act by dressing him up as a perfectly cooked "Butterball". I just think it's messed up man.

By far the most disturbing was this little Suri Cruise look alike who was passed out (oh god I hope the little nipper was passed out) inside an apple pie with a serving knife on top of it. The little peanuts' lifeless little body really creeped me out.

Anyway Sweet dreams.




julie said...

That IS disturbing. So, the babies are just supposed to lie there and be food? Well, that is just dumb. Actually, it's not so much the food part that is disturbing... it's the presentation. I'm not sure why, exactly.

julie said...

Oh, I've figured out why I'm so disturbed... it's because the turkey looks like it is giving birth to that baby! They should at least turn it around!

Greg The Weathermime said...

I blame Anne Geddes...she has sparked an evil trend of costume related child abuse that must be stopped. Death to Anne Geddes!!!