Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stupid Snow!

Last year snow was the bane of my existence. I even ended up getting in a little accident. No biggie just me involved, but it could have been a lot worse really fast. This year we've been lucky, no snow yet (Knock Wood), but today Snow in another state screwed up my itinerary.

I got a call this morning at about 6am. A recorded voice saying that my flight out of Detroit had been canceled. Back track for a sec, Morgan and Elliott already flew out to Portland on Saturday. So I got on the phone and began the painstaking task of actually trying to speak with a living human. When I would finally get to the point where the little recorded voice, who I wanted to kill, would say "All right let me transfer you to an agent" the call would disconnect. This happened about 12 times, maybe more.

Finally at around 11am it rang through after the voice told me it was transferring me. I was immediately placed on hold. I was able to shower, shave, do the dishes and finish packing while I was on hold. After being on hold for 39 minutes and 33 seconds I was finally able to talk to a person. It seems that Denver will be hit with a pretty bad blizzard today so they are going to be canceling all flights in and out. Denver just happens to be where I change flights. The next flight they could book me on was from Detroit to Chicago then to Portland tomorrow.

I'm really pissed off. Even though I hate to fly, I couldn't wait to get back to Portland and see Morgan and Ella.

I'm going to post this video of Elliott to cheer myself up.

A couple of weeks ago Ella wouldn't let me put her down. She wouldn't get upset if I tried or anything she just wouldn't let go and kept her little legs clamped around my waist. She usually likes to watch me play Guitar Hero on PS2, so I decided to play it to see if she would get down and sit on the floor and watch me play, like she usually does.

Nope, she just kept holding on and watched me play.

I played three songs before I got tired and had to quit playing.

I also snapped this pic of her last weekend. She was rolling around on the couch acting cute so I had to grab the camera.

The other day she picked up her pajamas and slipped one arm in a sleeve by herself. Then she decided to put the rest of the pajamas on top of her head and walk around like that.

That's my silly little baby!

Hopefully I'll see her in Portland tomorrow.



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Anonymous said...

Hey you think you hate flying! At least you didn't fly into a moving car and have to push off marty mcfly style to avoid death by toyota prius! Good luck bro!