Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Reason I Finally Snapped

When they ask "What was it? What was it that made him finally snap?" Oh and they will ask dear friends, they'll ask "Why did he do it? Why did he go down south to La La Wood and do that terrible thing to those nice show biz types? We always knew he was a ticking time bomb, just ready to go at any minute...but what could have finally set him off?"

Well my brothers and sisters you tell them that it was this.

The King, ELVIS AARON PRESLEY SINGING A FREAKIN DUET WITH CELINE FREAKIN DION. It's like somebody said, "How can we insult every sensibility that Chuck Suede has. How can we shat on him down to his very core? Oh wait...we can take his hero...The King and make him preform on live television for millions to see, with the recording artist (and I'm using the word "artist" ironically) that he loathes more than anything else in this world".


I have no hope for the future. It was crushed tonight. If the whole show wasn't' for charity I would be calling for an all out boycott on American Idol....Oh wait a minute on second thought...I am calling for an all out boycott on American Idol....who's with me?

I will try not to do harm to anyone that has any family that cares about them....But I'm not makin' any promises! I reckon they knew what they were getting themselves into when they made this monstrous decision. And you gotta reap what you sow. Now reap it!



P.S. I wonder if they let you blog in prison?

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julie said...

It's kinda like "Natalie Cole Sings with her Dad's Dead Friends"... but more horrible.