Monday, May 28, 2007

I Lied To Lois Lane

So I never have been to a comic book convention before. I have made it a point not to go to one ever. I love comic books but I generally don't like hanging out with other people (there are exceptions) who also like comic books. The ones that go to the conventions usually take geekdom to a whole new level. But this Saturday I broke that rule and went to the debut of the Spokane Comicon. I wasn't going to go, but a producer at the station told me that the actress that played Lois Lane in Superman the Movie was going to be there. I'm not going to mention her name because I'm scared she'll do a Google search for herself and if she stumbles across this post she'll sue me for talking about her.

When I heard that this actress was going to be at the Comicon I thought that this was something I couldn't pass up. I mean how hilarious would it be for me to get my picture taken with her. Well we got there, and I introduced myself to her, when I told her my name she said "Oh that's fun". Morgan, Ella and I walked around the Comicon for a little while, it was pretty small. Ella was not happy she wanted down from her pack. I came across the table of the guy who's doing the comic book sequel to Clash of The Titans, called Wrath of The Titans, and he said "Oh I have baby books". So I bought Ella her first comic, one with extra thick baby book pages. It's called ABCs, for Superheros and it's even personally autographed for her. After that she was much happier.

Anyway Mar....uh...the actress walked back to her table and so I walked up and asked for her autograph and if we could take a picture. She looked at me and said "Now you know that's 20 dollars." I was taken a back a bit.

CS: " I'm sorry I didn't realize, I'm sorry. So for us to snap a picture of you with our camera that's 20 dollars?"

LL: "Yes for 20 dollars you get an autograph, one of these photos I have here and you can take a picture, it's a whole package thing."

CS: "Oh, I see. I'll have to go hit an ATM I didn't bring that much money with me."

I lied, I had no intention of coming back and paying her 20 bucks. We went to Sonic and had burgers instead. The whole thing just left me feeling really sad for her. I pretty sure if before he died I got the chance to meet Christopher Reeve, he wouldn't have charged me 20 bucks to take a photo with him. Sad just Sad. So that was my first and last Comicon. But I did get to lie to Lois Lane.....sweet.



Anonymous said...

Just think what she would have done for $40...

julie said...

That's funny. I saw her on "Brothers & Sisters" (yeah, I admit it) recently and she was looking a little rough. I think I remember reading that she was crazy and homeless not too long ago. I hope you feel better knowing that $20 probably would've gone toward rent. Or Prozac.

Sam said...

Wow. $20? For a picture taken with M@%^&! K*#$&? That seems a bit above the going rate for an actress of her... caliber.