Saturday, November 24, 2007

I love turkey day

I had Thursday off so I was able to spend it with Morgan and Ella for Thanksgiving. I got up early and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade with my daughter. I watched it with her last year, but this year she really seemed to enjoy it. Here's a picture of her all dressed up for the holiday.

After the parade we watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special. Then we went for a walk around the block. We've been looking to buy a home, so we've been going to a lot of open houses lately. Every other house we would walk by on our little walk Ella would try to pull me to the front door saying "ouse, ouse, ouse". She really likes going to the Open houses on the weekends, sometimes it's very difficult to get her to leave.

When we got back home we watched videos on the computer and Ella danced. I've got the only Two-year-old who digs ELO. Her favorite lately is the penguin waiter scene from the movie Mary Poppins. She's never even seen the movie, I just stumbled across the clip on YouTube one day and she loves it.

After that she was pretty tuckered out and was asking to take a nap. She went down right before the thanksgiving meal was ready, so Morgan and I had to eat without her. She got her portion later though.

Morgan made a very delicious Thanksgiving meal. I'm still working on the leftovers. I made myself a turkey quesadilla when I got home from work last night.

Hope everyone had a great holiday.


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julie said...

Oh, look! You're back!

Your little girl is growing up so fast. She looks so much older now.

Hope you weren't affected too much by the bad storm.