Thursday, January 31, 2008

She told me that she loves me!

It's the one thing that she's heard millions of times since her birth. Morgan and I say it to her dozens of times every day. She can spout out phrases like "I fell down" or "It's cold brrrr" or "That's silly" but she has never repeated the words back to us that we most want to hear.

Today my little Elliott Anne looked me right in the eye and said "I love you". Not once but at least a half of dozen times. I'm on top of the world and can't be any happier.

The feeling is mutual.




Kelly said...

OMG that's so sweet - we cheated and taught Grayson how to say it, and force him to say it to grandparents and the like. But last night when we were snuggled and reading a book, I said "I love you Grayson", and he reached up with one hand and stroked my cheek, as if to say, "yeah, you're pretty cool too..."

No feeling like it.

julie said...

You sure have a pretty little girl!