Sunday, September 07, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well I said that I should have an announcement to make this week and here it is, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! That's right I'm now a homeowner, complete with property taxes and mortgage payments.

We really like it. It has a huge backyard for Elliott to play in.

've got a lot of unpacking to do so I'm just going to leave you a flyer right now with the deets on the house. I've been moving for three days and every part of my body hurts and I'm exhausted.



Jami said...

What a super great house! Congrats!! I have been on a Trading Spaces kick and we decided to completely re-do his son's room - it is totally kick ass!
I am glad the house worked out for you guys!!

Oh, and p.s. - I just noticed your little come back to being a "bleep"! :)

ChuckSuede said...

Yeah. I'm kinda mellowing out in my old age. Although a 4 year old called my daughter "Baby Cakes" this afternoon and I'm not exactly sure how that sits with me.

julie said...

It's cute! Congrats!!