Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The last of the trip pics

It was snowing on my way to Klamath Falls as I was leaving Oregon.

Wells Fargo put a block on my card because they thought someone had stolen it from all the gas charges. I took this after I tried to get a hotel room in Nevada at about 2 am on my first day. I'd been driving all day and I just wanted to get some sleep. I ended up driving on through to Wyoming before I could get the bank to reactivate my card so I could get a room.


The sun rising on my last day. I was about 20 miles outside of Chicago headed for Indiana.

Made it to Ohio. This is were I work now.

People in Ohio drive like freaking maniacs. This photo is not a rarity, crap like this happens everyday here. Usually it's a lot worse.

Bye Bye......CS loves you

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Monkees1 said...

Do you make fun of that commercial too? That(Geen Days: American Idiot) album kicks ass all over the place!