Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dumb Criminals

I just got back from Memphis, but instead of writing about that I'm going to write about what I was going to Post last week, but could never get around to it.

Meet Rodney McKean. The Fall Guy here lead Hancock County sheriffs on a High speed chase last week. At times reaching speeds up to 101 mph in residential zones, you can read all about The Bandit's adventure HERE.

The best part is the mugshot here. When the authorities arrested Hooper, he was wearing this shirt. How classic is that? I've been waiting for a good mugshot to send to The Smoking Gun, and now I finally got one.
Factory Fire

So on Friday I'm sitting the desk and I hear I fire break out down the street. All of my crews were out of town or on the other side of Toledo, so I just monitored the scanners to see how bad it was going to get. Well after the crews arrived on the scene I heard one of the firemen say, "We got barrels of oil in here, we could be looking at an explosion". That was the point were I jumped up and grabbed a camera. I was the first one there, and I just jumped out and ran right up to the smoky building with the camera rolling, until police made me move to a "safe distance" from the fire. I ended up being out there for a few hours, but It felt good being a lens slinger again. Plus I was the only photog to get a shot of the front of the building collapsing.


Video Mania

I've started posting videos to the web. My first attempt is a video from the night Ella First Laughed.

The Second is my short Slasher flick that I shot in 2004, "The Night Terror Had Its way". I'm going to be adding a "Video" column to the side bar of the site, just bellow the "Chucks Peeps" column. I plan on uploading all kinds of neat stuff.



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Monkees1 said...

You should upload that slasher commercial. Oh, and Ella is adorable!