Sunday, November 14, 2004

First day of shooting

Well I started shooting my slasher flick for Seasons Bleedings today and things went so so. Things went wacko at first when we lost our lead actress that my director of photography hooked up 2 hours before the shoot. Fortunately my fellow director Melanie who was set to play an extra stepped up to the plate and said she would do it and she was damned good too. Since we got off to a late start we didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped today, but we did get a lot shot, so I’m confident that well get it done in time. Anyway here are some fun pics from today’s shoot.

Ray (before Morgan styled the wig he was wearing) and Melanie who are playing our two leads, Max Fontaine and Francine run there lines as DP and co-writer Barkley and a Beanie laden James Graves enjoy their read through.
The Assistant Director Andrew is screwing around with a Machete. STOP SCREWING AROUND ANDREW!


Chuck the director is ready to get the shot.

Actually Chuck is just freakin’ scared.

What are you, Freakin' nuts Chuck?! Yep.

CS out

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