Thursday, March 30, 2006

In Addition To The Booby

Ella has now moved up to Semi Solid foods. So far It's the bananas or "Nanners" as Morgan refers to them.

She really seems to like them. However it has now made the pooh stinky, so changing the diaper is no longer so cute. Morgan says that because the pooh was stinky, that's how she knew Ella was ready for solid food. I'm not buying it, I say it was the bananas.

Now that Ella has started eating fruit we've started giving her grapefruits that are bigger than her head.......Citrus is good for baby's.....Really.

Ella also has a new toy. And she really likes it. Here she is in her best Kris Kross impersonation.

One piece of bad news however. Somehow, when I wasn't' looking my daughter turned into a hippy (insert Cartman quote here). Sigh....Oh well, it happens.

Later Gators,

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monkees1 said...

Nanners are quite yummy!