Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aw C'mon Man!

We Just got back from Chicago and I will be posting about that....But first thing's first.

In what weird Bizzaro parallel universe is it politically correct to use that as a name for a coffee shop?


Update: I was sent this with the subject line "Happy Now Reaves?"

DETROIT (AP) - A small but growing Michigan-based coffeehouse
chain is changing its name amid concern that its moniker also is a
disparaging term for Hispanics.
Beaner's Coffee informed franchisees and employees yesterday at
its 77 Michigan stores and eight other states that it would become
Biggby Coffee on Jan. 31st.
Beaner's chief executive Bob Fish says the East Lansing-based
company never intended to have a name that could be perceived as
He says the new name will allow the company, founded in 1995, to
rename itself without rebranding. Beaner's logo is a big black 'B'
with an orange background.

Yep I'm happy.


Monkees1 said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! How do find these places?

ChuckSuede said...

The Midwest is just a wacky wacky place.

Anonymous said...

Did someone from the valley name that place and if so are we related to them? Ydnam