Friday, April 21, 2006


I promise I'll post about Chicago soon, but right now I just have to say that I love my little sisters. My kid sister Mandy (the one on the left) posted a very nice thing about me on It actually made me a little bit misty. Here it is....

Number 1 of my top 8

21 questions about the first person on your top 8

1) Name Ch*******er Re***s..Yes that is his real name
2) Age?Almost 32!
3) Where did you meet?We met Feb 25th 1980 the day I was born!
4) What do you like best about this person?He has the same f-ed up twisted sense of humor I do
5) How old were you when you met?Probably a couple hours old
6) Is this person your best friend?He's my big brother and I only have one of those!
7) Where does this person live?Toledo Ohio....home of Katie Holmes
8) Would you take a bullet for them?Heck yes! However; if he was behind me it might hit him anyway,I'm pretty little
9) When is the last time you saw them?A couple years ago at his wedding
10) When is the last time you talked to this person?Yesterday Via Myspace
11) Are you related?Yes... big brother
12) Would you do anything for this person?Within reason, no circus shit
13) Would you consider their house your home away from home?No Ohio is not exactly a hop skip and a jump away from Seattle
15) Are they your bf/gf?Yuck NOOOOOO!
16) Do you have nicknames for each other?Asswipe for him, He usually calls me kid or brain child..long story
17) What does this person look like?Tall, wild eyed, of course good looking he's related to me..Hello?He looks more like his Dad all the time :)
18) Do u have pics of this person on ur myspace?Yes one of him with 30seconds to Mars! I love Jared Leto! Oh and you too bro!
19) How many days do you see this person a month?zero :
(20) Do you think they would repost these questions?Since I'm not his ..1 I don't care...blasted wife!
21) If u Had a chance to see him/her right now would u see them?Yes! I'd give him the biggest hug and the sock him in the bread basket for feeding a goat beer!

Love You too Kid,

P.S. I Gave Beer To A Goat, Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Why do I look like the beaten goth child in this pic?? Geesh bro! :)

ChuckSuede said...

Hey man, not my fault.

But I love you still.