Monday, May 01, 2006


So let us talk a little about the person who wants to take me down and mess up my life. What Power do you really think that you have? How strong do you think you actually are? (Oh yeah…. by the way. This person is the reason why I haven’t posted about Chicago yet. That and sweeps. But the pictures are great I promise.)

Confused? Sorry, I should back track a little.

On Sunday while in the middle of a major telethon, that I am very proud to be a part of, The Z-Man asks me, “Do you remember that post on your blog that you wrote about me?”. Well of course I did, I always remember writing about my friends: SIDE NOTE (That’s right Jack hole! Z-Man already knew about the post…. in fact when I snapped the picture of him eating Brussels sprouts I told him that pic was going right on the blog.) He went on to say “Well somebody printed it out and sent it to my home via U.S. mail.”
Z-man was pissed. He couldn’t believe that someone would do that. At first he thought someone was “messing” with him, until I pointed out that I was obviously the target. For some reason this person, who is keeping an eye on Toledo thought that Z would be upset that I wrote about fearing for his health and the fact that he was eating a food stuff that was stinky. My guess is that they thought Z would be so upset that he would take action. What kind of action, I can only guess, maybe they thought it would give Z ammunition to go after me, have me reprimanded, or even fired. Well thanks for the effort, much love to you too.

I have written about a person that I work with, someone who is good natured and who I consider a friend, and “Bob Woodward” here is going to try and use that to attack me. Am I really that important to you? Is your life so small and miniscule that you have to stalk me and Z through my blog, that mainly consist of pictures of my wife and child and me in front of signs with snappy little captions? That is very sad dude. This isn’t any kind of Myspace scandal here Scoop McGee.

I asked Z if he would like to say anything to the person that sent him the post and his response to this person is “Go *censored* yourself.” Well Mr. “Stolssel” looks like your little plan was a bust.

The sucky thing is that this was done by someone that we obviously both know, someone who has looked me right in the face and has now decided to jam a knife in my back. And after recent hits on my website in the last few weeks from a local IP address I have a pretty good Idea who it was. Hey if you have something that you want to say to me, why don’t you grow a sack and come talk to me in person instead of doing all the sneaky crap.

Anyway that’s what I have to say, I just had to vent. Any comments from my friends and family?

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

So my question is what kind of person has such a desperate desire to sabbotage another person for the sole purpose of trying to make them equally as miserable as you appear to be? Apparently a person that is hung up on the past and can't come to terms with the reality that life goes on, Even if a somebody "hurt your feelings" at some point! Boo f-ing hoo!Trying, and I emphasize, trying to make other people miserable is NEVER going to make you any happier. The sooner you realize that what you are doing just makes you look sad lonely and hopeless, the sooner we can all get over this annoyance you've created. That's all it is, a MILD annoyance. No matter what you say, the people who care about my brother will do continue to do so no matter what some anonymous coward has to say. Oh, but he's the horrible person you're tying to convince people of, He's the weirdo....Right, so let's review, Taking out the time and putting forth the effort to pull some p*censored*sy una bomber mail shit and, stalking his friends,trying to hurt people just bescause you get some kind of sick enjoyment out of incoveniencing him and the people he cares about, Um yeah that's not weird, It is psychotic and obsessive! If these issues run this deep, I think it's safe to say that you need psychiatric help. Sooner rather than later. I feel sorry that your parents have to deal with the fact that they've raised such a vindictive person. I guess you can keep this up but the fact of the matter is,This will pass and you will fade back into the background where you came from and are doomed to remain eventually. All of the normal good hearted people that you are so jealous of will live long happy lives! No matter how much that thought kills you. My brother is a good person,He takes care of the people that he loves and we will always do the same for him. Sucks that people like you will never know what that feels like. So if you want to continue these childish games, you might as well just beat your head against a brick wall. In fact that that doesn't sound like such a bad idea anyway. You'll just be wasting your time and you'll probably die alone. No one will want to be with someone that so ridden with issues. No one gives a rats ass what you think. This whole situation is so lame that I can only compare it to the Worst Lifetime movie I have ever seen.Starring...bitch boy! At this point you just look F*censored*G PATHETIC!!

Little sister doesn't miss when She aims her gun BIATTCHH!

ChuckSuede said...

Damn Sis!

I got chills reading that.

Monkees1 said...

I am really quite confused...I just re-read the Z Man post. There is NOTHING wrong with it! It seems only like harmless joking with a friend. Anyone who calls 20 times would have to be a friend! I don't see how this lame ass sonofabitch could possibly think that he/she could cause such grief in your life. Did he/she write anything along with the picture? Really what grounds do they think they have? I say to that Mother f*censored*er to F*censored*K OFF! You will be fine Chuck!

Morgan said...

Damn Sis!

I got chills reading that.

me too, Damn!!!!

cptmorgan said...

I just punched myself in the nuts again.

kevdawg said...

Wellllllll, that kinda sucks. Not sure what is going on or what happened. All I can say Chuck is, "build a bridge and get over it" There is no point in wasting the precious energy of the universe on things that are A: Not going to be resolved, B: not going to be resolved no matter how hard you try, C: are going to be resolved but not to your satisfaction. Drink a Guiness, pack a *B and walk tall.


P.S. I got a fever! and the only presciption is: MORE COWBELL

CDeeB said...

Well my friend, all I can say is whovever "masterminded" this childish plan is obviously a d*censored*kless wonder. Just know that you are one of my absolute favorite people and this little pissant of a f*censored*k face is a sad piece of pathetic work. If you do get a chance to confront this P.O.S. don't hesitate to tell him you know a very tall girl who is not afraid to throw down for her friends!!! Grandpa loves you Chuck...

CDeeB said...

Your sis rocks!
Cheers girl!

ChuckSuede said...

Aw shucks. Thanks Dee. Love you much.

And thanks for keeping it classy Alden. I hope your nuts are ok.

Iz said...

Man, Chuck! I am so sorry that this is happening to you! I know what is like to get messed with by your "friends" so my heart goes out to you. Just seems like a poor, pathetic cry for attention, when what really underlies is their fear and jealously.

I wish you well and hope that this ass gets a clue!

Take care!


Ramiz Monsef said...

I have absolutly no idea what this is all about but I got The Suede's back and if anyone want's to mess with The Suede then they have to go through me. Of course, there are some conditions involved...I mean...I live in New they would have to be in New York...and I live uptown, and I really hate taking the train at night 'cause it's not express, so they would have to try something during the day...oh, and I work on Tues., Weds, and we would have to get down on like a Thursday afternoon, like somewhere below Union Square, 'cause Midtown is a bunch of doo-doo tourists...but if all those things happened and then someone messed with The Suede, then I would give them a "U" punch and put a hole in their chest...fuckin' eat their heart like Kano, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen more nuts in an empty bowl of Planters(tm) then what this sackless peice of crap has.

Seriously, I have only seen Chuck piss off one person in my life (and I mean really piss someone off) and took a lot more than what he wrote about someone on a blog site to do it. But at least when he did it he had the the strike that...the freaking titanium cohones to do it right to some guy who was 5 times his size face. Ok maybe it was the alochol *shrug*...

Anyway this guy isn't even worth your effort, Chuck.

And damn your sis is freaky...and she calls us freaks...


Anonymous said...

Word! There's more where that came from!!! Drop kickin some bitches is kind of a hobby! We protect our own round these parts!! Little blonde girls who got nothin but love for thier big brothers are not to be messed with! And you know this!!!! Little sisters eliminating dip shits one cowardly loser at a time! :) Thank you, I'm here all week Ladies and Gentlemen!

Greg The Weathermime said...

WOW! I'm speechless...(ha, get it, I'm a "mime")...anyway dude sorry that this person is pulling this kind of childish stunt in a effort to hurt you personally.
So, I have a question, did this person send a copy of your blog to anyone in charge of the brussel sprout lobby...because I think you insulted the brussel sprout to the Nth degree.
Have a heart man...they are mini cabbages for cripes sake.

OK, so lets all hope your super-duper-investigative-journalist-piece-of-dookie-workmate feels the rath of karma very soon...

Power to the suede!! Down with hater workmates!!

Greg The Weathermime

Eddy Wahlgren said...

I think this person is basically an attention whore who is getting off on being talked about and blogged about. I guarantee he/she/it is jerkin the gerkin to your blog. I bet this all stops if you ignore this person’s juvenile behavior. Just imagine this person as a big baby with an even bigger load in its diaper and things will seem much better. After all, that’s all this really is.

Eddy Wahlgren