Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fun In The Midwest

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Also, while we were visiting the Hoosier state, we were able to have a little family birthday party for my sweet little girl. She'll be 1 year old on the 12 (sniff sniff). Here she is opening a kitty cat quilt that grandma made for her.

It was a very nice family get together Morgan's parents, and grandparents were there along with her sister aunt Katy.

One day while Morgan was out shopping Ella and I went to downtown Evansville and had some ice cream. She really liked that and was the hit of the parlor. There were two little 3 year old twin girls that were just fascinated with her. That's my girl, she's a superstar.

When we left the shop I was pushing her along in her stroller and when we turned a corner we ran smack dab into the middle of a press conference with all the local news stations covering it. That's the kinda thing that would only happen to me, I can't even take a vacation with out just stumbling upon news.



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