Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mmmmmmm Braaaaiiiinnnnsss

Last Week we went to Evansville Indiana for Morgan's Grandmother's 80th birthday. While we were there I feasted on a brain sandwich. That's right a sandwich that was 100% fried pig's brain's.

Now why on earth would any sane person want to scarf down a sandwich consisting of a hamburger bun, 6 bread and butter pickle slices and a humongous swine brain? Well (a) I'm not sane, anyone who knows me could tell you that, and secondly it all started with a T.V. show.

Morgan and I were watching Alton Brown's show this summer 'Feasting On Asphalt' on the Food Network. In the show Alton Drives all over the country on a motorcycle looking for the best "road food" places.

In the second episode he went to the Hill Top Inn in Evansville for the soul purpose of dining on a Brain Sandwich. After watching the show, I knew I had to have one, even though he didn't seem to enjoy it all that much. I just wanted to eat one just so that I could say that I ate brains.

The thing was monstrous. It didn't even fit on the little Wonder Bread bun that it was served on. It didn't taste awful or anything. In fact it kinda tasted like chicken liver, and I love chicken liver. It was very rich though so it was a little hard to scarf down. Ella didn't like it. That's right I fed some to Ella, now when she's a teenager and she does something that ticks me off I can tell her I fed her brains as a baby. She spit it out though. Morgan and her sister kept fighting back gags and just kept shaking their heads.

Would I eat another one? Sure like I said it wasn't bad. Plus the way I look at it, when the Zombies start walking the earth, I'm in the clear because they'll be able to sense that I have eaten brains and will think that I'm one of their own.




Monkees 1 said...

Seriously! Why are you so gross?! I am totally going to have horrible brain sandwich nightmares tonight...right after I throw up all over the place! It is hard for me to decide if this is more disgusting than the pig head you blogged about previously - yes, it is more disgusting because you didn't consume the nasty pig head.

ChuckSuede said...

Aw com'on man....Brains is Brain food. Oh wait, no that's fish.

Anyway like I said before, the pig's head was not my idea...that was all Hortor. I just had to dispose of the creepy disgusting thing.

Monkees 1 said...

No one was even paying you to eat brain! You should go on fear factor...yummmmm....cow rectummmmmmm....give it a shot!