Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation all I've ever wanted

Ahhh vacation. I haven't really had a vacation since I started working in Spokane a year and 4 months ago. But here I am lounging on a deck in Portland not having to worry about news, live shots or deadlines.
Vacation 2008

Ahhh life is Sweet. I'll blog some more later, for now I'm just going to relax and take it easy.

Oh and BTW "The Dark Knight" was phenomenal. Everybody in that movie kicked butt. I have to say that the late Heath Ledger is rightly deserving of all the kudos for potraying one of the most fascinating and most creepy movie villains ever. I'm not pandering or anything when I say this but they should just give him the Oscar now.



Molly said...

How long are you guys in Portland?

ChuckSuede said...

We're leaving Wednesday Morning.

Molly said...

Might not be possible this time around, but sometime when you are here we should get the small ones together to play. They are so close in age, would be fun to see them together.

ChuckSuede said...

Agreed, we're pretty booked up this trip, we're going to the coast tomorrow, but we'll shoot for next time

Anonymous said...

Wow... So cool to see you again after all these years, "Chuck". I dug reading your blog and the interviews you did with Tony Shaloub and Jay Leno. Really awesome to see you thriving in Spokane, sir.
Fun drawing your daughter Elliott at the Wash co fair the other day too. Feel free to post it here if you like.
See you at Pig Out?
Sam Klemke
Filmmaker and
Bon Vivant

ChuckSuede said...

It was great to see you too Sam. I'm planning on doing some vacation wrap up posts and I was already planning on writing about running into you and the drawing you did of Elliott.

Can't wait to see you at the Pig Out.