Wednesday, November 05, 2008

History, Dragons & Turning 3

Well that's pretty cool huh?

Yep It's about time we got some historical moments that didn't just suck. It seems like the majority of them in my lifetime, with the exception of the Berlin wall coming down, have been terrible moments in history. For example Watergate, the death of Elvis, the eruption of Mount St. Helen's, the death of John Lennon, Chernobyl, Iran/Contra, Libya, Desert Storm (twice), 9-11 and HAVING THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE PAST EIGHT YEARS!

Listening to President Elect Obama speak in Chicago last night gave me hope for this country and for my daughter's future. Now I just hope he can fix relations with Russia which Bush just launched into the crapper.

I should have been at the station last night working on election coverage but I missed out. I've been sick since Sunday and the Doc said I was contagious so I was forbidden to come into work. My boss didn't want me infecting the whole news room and getting everybody sick while we are in sweeps. So I stayed home and watched election coverage with Morgan and Elliott.

I know I said in my last post that it wasn't going to be long until I put up a new post, I lied. Sorry but I've been obsessed with taking inventory of my comic books with this new software that I got called Comic Collectors 4.2

I have 3,332 comics. I'm a huge geek.

Elliott wanted to be a dragon for Halloween so Morgan made her this costume

It turned out really good huh?

Elliott really liked it and got tons of complements when she was out trick or treating. This was the first year that we took her and she couldn't wait. She was talking about it for weeks before Halloween rolled around.

Elliott's 3rd Birthday was on the 12th and we took her to the pumpkin patch because she loved it so much last year. She actually got on a pony and went for a ride, no way she would have done that last year. Heck she wouldn't even get on the carousel horse this summer.

After the pony ride Ella went over to the pumpkin patch and picked out her pumpkins. she had just as much fun as last year.

After the pumpkin patch we came back home and Jon and Jane came over for cake and to open presents, just like they have for all of her birthdays.

This was the first year that Elliott got a full sized cake, she just got cupcakes for her first two birthdays. This was also the first birthday that she sat in a regular sized chair at the table and not her high chair.

Morgan's sister Katy got Elliott these Oregon State Beavers pajamas. She loved them, as soon as Jon and Jane left, (Jon's a Ducks fan) she stripped off her clothes and put then on. She thought the beaver was a raccoon at first.

As I recently posted, we just bought a house about two months ago, and we're slowly but surely getting settled in so I decided to post some more pictures.

Here's our living room. I really like the big picture window and the hardwood floors, Elliott likes me to slide her around on the floor when she doesn't have her shoes on.

Here's Elliott's room, she loves it. It was already painted pink when we moved in.

She's got quite the Cat in the Hat/Dr. Seuss theme going on.

I love that we have both a deck and a patio. Also the back yard is pretty big.

I'll post some more later.

I'll leave you all with some Geeky Goodness. Do you ever wish those pesky 80's music videos would have just sung about all the crazy stuff that was actually going on in the video itself? No? Well neither have I, but somebody did and they re-dubbed a literal translation over the Tears for Fears video "Head over heals". Please to enjoy.

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