Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ella's Home from the Hospital and a Riot in Toledo all in one day

Well My little baby girl got to come home from the hospital on Saturday October 15th ( I know her name is Elliott, and Ellie makes the most sense, but we are calling her Ella for short.). So far we've watched some Cartoon Planet, soiled about fifty or so diapers and just sat around staring at each other for hours. We also went to the doctor today for her first out of the hospital check up. The doctors said "She's just perfect". Well I could have told you that mister big brain, I mean just freakin' look at her, she's freakin' adorable. Glad to see Med School paid off for you Brainiac. Just kidding he was a very nice man, might have had a problem stating the obvious, but a nice man and a good doctor.

Anyway, here are some pics from the hospital I didn't get to post and some from her at home over the last couple of days.

The Three wise Guys: Any boy who wants to date Elliott will have to go through a strict screening process performed by myself and these three gentleman...the one in the middle can bite through nails.

Elliott & Daddy

The Godfather: Show Respect

Grandma & Grandpa Bird sent this cool cookie bouquet.

"Elliott's the Cutest, and that's the Truth PPPPTTTTBBBBLLLLLL!"

Not only is she cute, but because she came home the same day a riot broke out in North Toledo, she saved me from going to work, where I probably would have had to gone down to the riot to shoot video of it because we only had two Photogs down there. One of the Photogs was almost attacked numerous times and had his life threatened by a bunch of gang bangers that tried to rob him. The other Photog was hit in the arm by a brick. So thanks for keeping me out of that baby.

CS and Elliott Anne over and out.

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