Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Yuk Yuk the clown

News is serious business. Let's take for example the story of 2 men from our area who took a little trip down to New Orleans. One week before hurricane Katrina hit they were out partying and had a little too much. The wild night ended with them sobering up in the drunk tank. well as the hurricane approached the police began to make ready and had bigger things to worry about than paperwork for a couple of guys that saw "girls gone wild" one too many times. For their own safety the two were moved from the drunk tank to a prison with hardened criminals until the threat of the hurricane passed. Well we all know how the hurricane didn't just pass. Long story short, the two poor slobs have been stuck in that prison for over a month now.
I told my weekend crew that I wanted them to do this story on Saturday, because one of the guys girlfriends was headed down south to help them get out. Anyway, I'm sitting at home watching our six o'clock news and who do I see pop on the television screen.....why it was Yuk Yuck The Clown. You see it turns out that one of the girlfriend is a professional clown. And she insisted, if she was going to be interviewed about his horrible situation, she would only do it in full clown makeup. She was also going down to New Orleans dressed like that to talk to the authorities. Things like this make me want to not take weekends and just work 7 days a week. We all know that with a baby on the way and a lovely wife at home, that's not going to happen.

CS over and out.

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