Monday, July 24, 2006

Here She Comes! Here Comes Speed Racer....

Yep, that's right. This weekend Ella decided that she would become mobile. No more mere rolling and scooching across the carpet. Now she's a little crawling machine. Watch out cat! We spent most of the weekend getting started on baby proofing the apartment. Soon we will have fences and gates up everywhere to keep the little one from crawling into the fireplace or putting Cheerios in the VCR.

Here's a video Morgan shot of my little rugrat in action.

Also This weekend we went to the Butterfly House in Whitehouse Ohio, and I'm please to report that Ella did not eat or squish any Butterflies.

I had never been before and it was truly amazing. You steep through the doors and there were butterflies everywhere. Melanie Wingo would have gone into an instant panic attack, that would have probably would have required the assistance of the paramedics and a psychotherapist.

It was good to see that they reopened the place with no problems this year. Last year right before they opened they had a bit of a mishap with a pesticide and lost most of the butterflies. We sent a crew there and the video was pretty horrific. All of these little winged bastadches lying on the ground twitching and going into seizures. It was like something out an insect snuff film.

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Earlier in the week we had a little family portrait day. It was Morgan's Dad's Birthday and we went over to the University and my buddy Patrick took some great shots of the three of us.

Ella also received some cute new clothes from here Aunt Louise this week and had a little fashion show out on the sun deck. Please to enjoy.


That's it for me.

Later Babies,


Sam said...

Way to go, Ella. Good luck on the baby proofing guys!

Monkees1 said...

Great family portrait! I think Ella gets cuter EVERY day!