Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

We had another Milestone today. We've been trying to get Ella to wave hello or goodbye for a while now. And today (exactly one week after she started crawling) she did it. She seems to be pretty good at it and she thinks it's hilarious, as you will see in the video below. She's a little sleepy in this one. We just got back from the store and she was ready for a nap.

(Update) As I was sitting here writing this post Morgan brought Ella in the room after she changed her. When she brought her over to me I said "Hello" and waved to her, Ella waved back. I did this a couple of times and then I just said "Hello" and didn't wave to her, But she waved back anyway, she figured out on her own to wave when we say "Hello". It wasn't a fluke, I tried it 4 or 5 more times with the same result. Genius Baby!

Off the Subject

The ScFi Channel has started airing a new reality show called "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?". I know the concept sets the program up for all kinds of mocking and criticism, but the show is really a riot. Morgan even liked it, and said she would watch it with me anytime. Think "Big Brother" meets "Fear Factor" in Spandex with capes. The winner gets their character made into a comic book and they get to star as their character in their own SciFi Channel movie, not too shabby. I'm rooting for Major Victory, he's a crack up.

The show's site even has this nifty little Hero Machine where you can make your own Super Hero. Here's the one I did.

It's Kind of an updated version of a character that I created in High School called Disc-Man. He could make discs out of energy fields, as small as a CD or as large as A football field. Then he could use a kind of tactical telekinesis to control them to use as weapons or shields.

I know, I know....what do you want from me........I'm a Geek.



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