Saturday, July 08, 2006

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!

That's right she stood up all on her on. Morgan and I were eating diner and Ella was on the floor playing with her toys. We watched her scoot over to the coffee table and she started to lift herself up. When she got all the way up it didn't hit me what had happened I just went "Oh!" because she was reaching for my cell phone and I didn't want her to put it in her mouth.

Then Morgan said "She did it!" and I grabbed the camera and started shooting. She stood up for a few minutes before she started to slide sideways. I slipped my hand under her left side as she did and helped her to sit down. I'm freaking out about the first time she falls. I'm thinking of wrapping her and the house in bubble wrap.

Here are some more shots of her standing up.


Polish Festival

We went to the Polish Festival on Lagrange street today. Morgan had a couple of Perogies and I had a Kielbasa with Kraut on it. We also got the colossal onion rings.

The Plate had 6 rings on it, and the damn things were huge. The two in the picture above aren't even the biggest ones out of the batch. Mammoth Onion rings are just about as big as an eight and a half month old's head.


I ate two and Morgan had two. We couldn't finish the last two so we gave them to two little boys (I asked his mom's permission first). Little boys are like garbage disposals they can just eat and eat and never get full. So they were better equipped than us to tackle the last two deep fried hoops.




Monkees1 said...

I love her chubby little legs! So exciting! Holy crap! "Footloose" just I am even more excited!

Sam & Stacey said...

Yippee! Way to go, Ella. Now you can be a consultant to Grant.