Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ah Crap! Get a Sense of Humor and Watch Some TV Wouldja!

You know this whole thing could have been avoided if more people would watch one of the greatest shows ever 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' But now because of a bunch of panicky jackholes one of my favorite TV shows is probably going to get canceled. If you don't know what I'm talking about Check This Story Out.

I mean com'on you yahoos....who wouldn't now that's Err the Mooninite? "Silence nerd! Prepare for a moon spanking. Now you drop those sweatpants right now!"

And the whole campaign ran for two weeks in half a dozen major metropolitan city's before this without any incident. Damn wussy Boston yutzes...I thought youse guys was suppose'd to be tough over around Southie.

Now they'll probably pull the movie. Freakin' D-bags.

One funny thing about it, Sheppard Smith on FOX said early on when they didn't know who left the magnets, that the whole thing obviously must have been the work of pot head college students (I'm paraphrasing but I challenge him to deny that's what he meant. He used the words Pot Smoking and College Students when talking about who could be behind it.) Schmuck. Guess he's never heard of Viral Marketing.




robot said...

People here were freaking out about it, and had no idea what it was - when i said it was from ATHF they all just stared at me, blankly.

I'm certain Atlanta had some (being that it's Cartoon Network HQ). We didn't get any, which was sad becuase they've been doing test marketing in this area (like those "I pooted" billboards.)

ChuckSuede said...

Yeah I totally remember those billboards, that was a great piece you did on that.