Sunday, February 04, 2007

Reaching For The Stars

We'll little miss Elliott Anne has decided to freak out her Daddy more and give him something new to worry about. Check this picture out of her in the rocking chair.

Pretty Cute huh? There's just one problem. SHE GOT UP THERE ALL BY HERSELF! Ella has decided that she likes to climb. She already discovered that she could get up on the coffee table last week, that was freaky enough. But now with her conquering the moving rocking chair I'm pretty much a nervous wreck.

I was playing with her a little while ago and she walked around the little green tunnel we got for her. Since I was down on the ground I couldn't see her when she walked around the tunnel. Next thing I know Morgan yells "Ella No!" I jumped up off the floor to see this.

That's right she climbed up on some boxes that we packed up and sat in the corner.

We have now moved them to a room where she does not have free reign.

All this to worry about tacked onto the fact that she likes to put bags over her head and walk around the livingroom. Silly Baby.

I swear I'm going to build her a suit made out of bubble wrap. I was kidding about it before, but it seems she leaves me no recourse.


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