Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well here it is. The first post of the new year. I realize the month is almost over but I've been a little busy. With the arrival of the new year I have to stop and reflect upon what was the most significant event of my life during the year 2006.

2005 is a no brainer, the most significant event of that year was becoming a father when my lovely little Ella was born on Oct. 12th of that year.

I love that little girl so much and it's just been incredible watching her grow up and start to develop her own little personality.

But as for what was my most significant event of 2006, what one particular accomplishment that meant the most to me last year. Well, I'd have to say that it was giving that beer to that goat....that was awesome! Eating that pig brain sandwich was a close second though.

Before I jet I'm gonna throw some pics of Ella your way. Morgan went and got some portrait photo's taken of my little girl. She was way cute, as you can see for yourself.

For Christmas we got here this little tunnel. She really loves it. She'll just take off and hide in it when I start chasing her when we're playing, just laughing her head off the entire time.

Well I'm gonna motor.



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