Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Couch Potato

Here's my little baby totally enthralled in something called "Go, Diego! Go!" (BTW they changed IMDB and I'm very upset. I hate the new layout.). I just don't get it. Give me "The Electric Company" any day.

Doesn't' she look big? She looks like a 3 year old. Who'd guess she's only just over a year? I shall weep now. I keep telling her to stop growing, but she defies me at every turn. Silly little defiant baby.




julie said...

She looks like a big girl now! Wow! Doesn't it suck when you have the realization that all those "they-grow-up-so-fast" people were right?!

Easy Reader said...

funny you should mention the Electric Company. I just watched the best of last weekend on my net flix. Shame your kid won't get to experience such high quality kiddy programming as we did growing up...how I miss Easy Reader. Oh well.