Monday, February 19, 2007


Elliott has decided to go into the protection racket. Here she is ready to go out with Paulie and Bobby on a collection run. She'll break your kneecaps, so don't mess with her, capiche?

Actually her great grandma and grandpa gave her this little running suit, but I watch way to much HBO.

I'm not sure if I'm Italian or not, (who knows I have no Idea what my heritage is. I know I have some Jewish and some Cherokee in there somewhere), but one thing I do know is that Ella loves her spaghetti.

Magnaccia, magnaccia, little one.

She actually seems to celebrate the pasta goodness.

One last pic before I go. Here is my darling sporting a sweet mullet and looking like a hippie chick, with a cute little pink dress over a pair of dungarees.

Too cute!



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