Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tonight I almost had a heart attack

Well not really but it's the most scared that I've ever been while doing my job. I've mentioned in previous posts that part of my job is to listen to the scanners to monitor for accidents, fires, and police activity. Well tonight just after the 6 o'clock news the scanners started going nuts by chirping out digital tones. That means a fire response and the more tones means the more urgent the call. After the tones the dispatcher came on and started deploying several fire trucks and an ambulance to my street right in front of my house for a report of an "auto pedestrian, child hit by a vehicle". My head snapped towards the the scanners and I stopped dead in my tracks. I reached for my cell phone and it started to ring, the caller ID showed it was Morgan. I started to panic as I flipped open the phone.

Me: "Are you Okay?!! Is Elliott Okay?!! Was it her?!!"

Morgan: (voice shaking) "We're fine! It wasn't her, it was the little boy across the street."

He was riding his big wheel across the street when he got hit by a car. He wasn't wearing a helmet and took a bumper to the head and was knocked to the ground. He was floating in and out of consciousness after it happened and when they took him to the hospital. I called dispatch later and they told me that he was conscious and crying when he arrived at the hospital, so hopefully he's going to be okay. I have to imagine that the woman who hit him wasn't going that fast because it's a residential street and she had a kid in the car with her. Plus it looked like she just turned onto the street when it happened.

Morgan made the 911 call, so that was her call that I heard the dispatcher reporting, and she immediately called me because she knew there was an excellent chance that I would hear it on the scanner and freak out. Which I did. It is one of my greatest fears that I'm going to be up here and hear something happen to Morgan or Elliott. I try not to think about it or it would drive me nuts. Morgan said that she gave Elliott an extra big hug from me tonight before she put her to bed.

I'm glad it looks like the little boy will be Okay. I'll keep you updated when I find out his condition.

I'm still coming down from all of the adrenaline.


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