Monday, August 04, 2008

Vacation round up #3: The Cohus

My uncle Tandy and my aunt Diane have always been like an additional set of parents to me. Even before I went to live with my grandparents when I was 13, they were always a huge part of my life. We always went on trips together and spent holidays together. Their daughters Brandy and Heather were always more like sisters to me than cousins. I was always hanging out over at there house. Heck, Diane and Tandy were first on the scene to help when I broke my leg when I was 12. At first they didn't believe that I broke my leg in two places and was in excruciating pain. They thought I was faking, but eventually they finally believed that I required immediate medical attention and called for an ambulance.

Here's a pic of the Cohu Clan circa 1993 at my grandparents house in Otis Oregon.

Left to right that's Heather, Christian (he starts his second year of high school this year. Yikes!), Diane and Tandy.

I haven't seen them since just after Elliott was born, they live just outside Sheridan Oregon, which is about halfway between Portland and the coast. When we were on vacation we drove over to Sheridan for a visit.

I guess they told me that they moved from McMinnville Oregon and bought a farm out near Sheridan about 4 years ago, but I must have blocked it out or just not believed them or something. I mean we've never been farm people, not since my grandpa was a little boy anyway. Well sure enough they bought a 20 acre farm and are raising cows. I think they're dairy cows, for some reason I didn't ask. They both still have their full time gigs, my uncle works in construction an my aunt does the books for a dairy I think. Their place is really cool and Elliott loved it.

She really liked getting to see the little orphaned calf named Annie that Tandy fed milk to out of a bucket that had a nipple attached to it.

Tandy even let Elliott get a little ride from Annie. Very little she pretty much just sat on her for about 2 seconds before Annie was like "I'm out of here" and took off to rejoin the other cows. That's Heather's son next to Annie too. I can't tell from this angle and with the hat over his face if it's Devon or Braden. The boys were ultra nice to Elliott. They didn't mind her following them around, they even watched Sponge Bob (her new favorite) with her.

Tandy grilled up some burgers just like old times and we all had lunch. Elliott was a big fan of the cookies as per usual.

Here I am with Uncle Tandy.
And Aunt Diane.
And Cousin Heather. My cousin Brandy lives in Grandview Washington, where we grew up, so she wasn't there.
Tandy (well everyone really) was impressed with Elliott. It's funny Tandy had two daughters and no sons, and they both had two sons each and no daughters. So I really had to watch Elliott around Heather so she didn't run off with her and keep her.
Well it was great to see them all again, I hope it's not another 2 and half years until we all get together again.
Well I can't think of any Media stuff to post about right now. Maybe I'll have something tomorrow when I post about our vacation time that we spent on the beach.

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