Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My next post was going to be about music. That has changed. We just had some major news break here in Toledo. I've been working like a dog all day. And the one thing that I feel most proud of is, not only did I "Punk" the other stations. I also "Punked" all three of the other networks.

I'm the only guy that got all three of the reported bad guys mug shots for air. So not only were we the only station in our market to have them, but because I supplied them to our Network, It was the only one to have them for the "Network Nightly News".....ahhhh.......little victories are the sweetest. Oh wait that was a big victory........Penut Butter Jelly time!

I'm over and out,


Anonymous said...

Sounds kinda Q to me.

ChuckSuede said...

Damnit Tim....I swear to god! Don't make me post the "Brokeback Newsroom" Picture!