Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Okay It's time. Forget the Super Bowl ads (although that girl totally getting schooled in that touch football game was damn funny). It's time for my two all time favorite commercials. First up we have the tender tale of troubled grandfather who can't connect with or love anyone except for his dear Scotch, in "Bye Bye, Grandpa Loves You".

Next we have my second favorite of all time. Turn down the lights and brace yourself, hold on tight to a loved one and be prepared to be mildly shocked, and most definitely amused at the sheer terror of "Your Life Could Be On The Line aka Call CPS".

Please to enjoy.
Ella Likes The Bath Time, Ella Likes The Bath Time!

Here are the adorable little pics

Did I mention she's Huggable?

That's it for now. In the next edition of Chuck Suede Media Geek, I'll tell you all about how I was snubbed by Davy Jones at the Toledo Auto Show (whatever, OOOOOHHHH we got an auto show too, LOOK AT US...PLEASE SOMEBODY...LOOK AT US!) and how one of my childhood heros fell before my eyes. No wonder I always liked Micky the best.....Stoopid Monkee.

I'm gone,

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Monkees1 said...

Everyone knows that Davy Loves the Ladies - that is why he held my hand and sang the theme to "The Brady Bunch" when he read the huge sign I was holding up. I always thought that Davy was the cute one, but I am a bigger Micky fan now mostly because he posed for a picture with me and signed my shirt (while I was wearing it...too bad he was like 60 when I saw him 'cause that could have been HOT)!
That CPS commercial is hillarious! I have always been a fan of "Grandpa", I tell people to "Speak up" while throwing something on the ground (or knocking something over)every chance I get.
I love Ella's little curley que!