Friday, November 12, 2004

Moving on moving up and just living

Hello folks, been awhile and I've been pretty busy. I start shooting my slasher film on Saturday, that's a week behind schedule but we should still be good. And for those of you who asked yes indeed LLR is that guy who goes by two initials from college. Oh and I know I know I still have to post Halloween pictures. I'm getting around to it.

Big news for my buddy Jon, he got a Sweet New Job. Here's the letter he sent out announcing it.

Hey Friends... Just wanted to give everyone an update...After two years Jane and I are packing up and leaving 'The Queen City,' Cincinnati, Ohio... I've taken a job at the NBC affiliate (WNWO) in Toledo, can read all about it at (Arts and Entertainment section) : ) We're excited about the move, and I'm stoked to have my own shop...The station is within my current as soon as we get the book finished in the 'Nati, I'm heading to the 'Glass City,' (second week of December...) I'll keep you updated, and

hope you are all doing well! Jonathan

Way to go, Yeahhhh Buddy.
CS out

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